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Red Hills International Horse Trials & Trade Fair (Mar 2013) Omnibus Listing

Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series - CIC3*


Change Made 02/21/2013
Comment: Dressage Test Changes forthe  intermediate levels:  CIC2*-2009 FEI Two-star Test A.  Intermediate: 2010 USEF Intermediate Test A.   
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USEA Event ID: 15220
Red Hills International Horse Trials & Trade Fair | Tallahassee, FL (AREA III)

Event Date: Mar 07-10, 2013

Open Date: Jan 22 Close Date: Feb 19


Address: Elinor Klapp Phipps Park, 1700 Millers Landing Road,  Tallahassee, Florida.
From North: From Florida/Georgia line, US 319/61 South for 13.0 miles; West (right) on Leon Co. #0346/Ox Bottom Rd. for 3 mi; South (left) on Leon Co. #155/Meridian Rd. for .7 mi; West (right) on Millers Landing Rd. for .9 mi; South (left) Elinor Klapp Phipps Park, site of Red Hills H.T. Follow RHHT signage to GATE B.
From South, East, West: I-10 to exit 203 - old Exit #30 - (US 319/61): turn SOUTH off ramp onto Thomasville Rd. for .2 mi; West (right) on Live Oak Plantation Rd., for 1.5 mi; North (right) on Leon Co. #155/Meridian Rd. for 3.1 mi; West (left) on Millers Landing Rd. for .9 mi; South (left) Elinor Klapp Phipps Park, site of Red Hills H.T. Follow RHHT signage to GATE B.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:CIC3,CIC2,CIC1,A,I,P

Tentative Schedule:

Thurs: CIC Informal Veterinary Examination-12:00 noon to 4:00 PM: must have passports with vaccination records. Cross-country course open for inspection - 3 PM. Approx. 6 PM- Competitor Briefing. Welcome Party - Come as you are.
Fri: Dressage-8:00 AM, all divisions. Show Jumping: - 4:30 PM for CIC2*, followed by CIC3*. CHECK SCHEDULE FOR UPDATED TIMES.
Sat: Cross-country-8:00 AM, all divisions. CHECK SCHEDULE FOR TIMES. CIC 2* and CIC3* will jump in reverse order of standing.
Sun: Show jumping - 8:30 AM, National Divisions and CIC1*. (It is possible that the CIC1* Division will show jump on Friday afternoon. To be determined. All CIC riders will be advised of scheduling. Please also monitor for updates.)

Starting Times:

Available March 6, 2013, on Red Hills Web, (Fax or Email if requested on entry). Note: Entry status will also be posted on Red Hills Web,

Event Officials
FEI TDs: Roger Haller (USA); TBA
National TD: Gale D'Amanda Fox (NY)
FEI: Pres: Nick Burton (GBR)   Member: Loris Henry (USA); Jo Young (CAN)
National GJ: Pres: Robert Stevenson (WY)  Member: Debbie Rodriguez (VA) 
FEI Steward: Janis Stephens (CAN)
CD: XC: Hugh Lochore (GBR)  SJ: Fuzzy Mayo
Entry Information

Send Entries to:

Rick Dunkerton, Event Secretary, c/o AMS, P. O. Box 1647, Laurel, MS 39441, (601) 498-3330
email: [email protected]
ENTER ON-LINE AT   VISA/MC, Discover, AmEx, &  Checks accepted

Draw checks to Red Hills Horse Trials, Inc.

NOTE: Please check website ( for updates & additional information.
Pinny/Holder/Insert required - for sale on site for $15 each.
Refunds: Before C.D.-Full. After C.D. and prior to midnight


Org: Jane H. Barron, 187 El Destino Road, Monticello, Florida 32344, (850)997-8484 (home); (850)545-3311 (cell); (850)997-5910 (Home FAX); Home e-mail: j[email protected]; (850)580-4020 (Office); (850)580-4019 (Office FAX); RHHT Office e-mail: [email protected]
Co-Org: Marvin Mayer.
Comp Mgmt: Red Hills Horse Trials, Inc.
Red Hills Horse Trials Web: Red Hills Horse Trials Office: (850)580-4020; (850)580-4019 (Fax). Email: [email protected]

Event Fees Directory: Draw checks to Red Hills Horse Trials, Inc. One check per horse-Please!
Entry: CIC3*: $375.00; CIC2*/CIC1*: $350.00; A/I/P: $300.00
Entries received on or before 01/29/2013: Deduct $25.00
Entries received after 02/19/2013 but on or before 03/01/2013: $50.00 late entry fee
No entries will be accepted after March 1, 2013.
Stabling: $175.00 Thurs. through Sun. nights (one check per horse)
Rig Parking: See web site for details.

NOTE: Please check website ( for updates & additional information.
Pinny/Holder/Insert required - for sale on site for $15 each.
Refunds: Before C.D.-Full. After C.D. and prior to midnight March 6 - Less $25 office fee with certificate from veterinarian or physician. Checks and credit card charges will be processed upon entry acceptance. Checks not deposited will be voided by the event secretary. Withdrawals must be emailed or faxed. Substitutions may be made up until 9 pm, March 6th, as space permits. Changes (horse, rider or level): $50 fee after C.D., subject to availability of openings in other divisions. Competition cancellation - Refund to the best of RHHT's financial ability. Double Entries: Not accepted.
No deposit required for pinnies. Personal pinnies will be used. Available for purchase from Stabling Office.
CIC entries must use 2013 USEA Three-Day CCI/CIC Entry form. All U.S Horses and Riders must be registered with the USEF and FEI.
Copy of neg. Coggins, within 12 months, must accompany entry. Note: FL requires 30-day health certificate for horses entering state.
All 3* horses and Foreign 2*/1* horses must have an FEI Passport indicating required influenza primary series & boosters. U.S. 2*/1* horses must have either an FEI Passport or National Passport indicating required influenza primary series & boosters. All horses must have current health certificate. 
There will be a fee of $50 for returning passports not retrieved at the end of competition. Please note: All horses will be stabled together in fenced enclosure with 24-hour security. Wristband system employed for ID access to stables at all time. Accompanying horses who wish to stable with FEI horses must have ID papers and vaccination records indicating required influenza primary series and boosters.
Reserved Rig Parking adjacent to the stable area is available. Please complete form on Red Hills Web,, and return with entry. Space will not be reserved until check is received. Other rig parking will be on a first come, first served basis.
CIC Informal Veterinary Examination:1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Thurs., March 7, 2013.

Competitor Information

All Divisions: Ribbons 1st-8th, or in accordance with FEI regs. RHHT Special Merchandise 1st place-all divisions. Prize money: Approx. $25,000 in cash and prizes. Distribution as per FEI Regulations, Articles 128, 129 & 130.  (CIC prize money paid by check to owner of horse as listed on entry). CIC3*: One year lease of luxury car. ADDITIONAL PRIZE MONEY PROVIDED BY GOLD CUP SERIES, SPONSORS FOR CIC3*. Colin S. Phipps Perpetual Trophy, Morgan Stanley Perpetual Trophy, Mrs. Gilbert W. Humphrey Perpetual Trophy, and others. [Note: If number of entries warrant the separation of divisions into two or more groups, the trophy will be awarded to the low point score of the overall division.

$175/stall, Thurs. PM through Sun PM. Additional nights @ $25/stall/night. One check per horse, please! Checks and Credit Card charges will be processed upon acceptance. Checks not deposited will be voided by Event Secretary. Initial Suncoast bedding included in stabling fee. Additional bedding available for purchase. 270+ temp. stalls on grounds by American Stall Rentals, LLC. Stall doors provided. Damage fee: Please do not poke holes in the stall panels to hang stall guards. Panels are $300 each, and if damaged, the competitor will be responsible for this amount. NO stabling deposit required. Please thank us by stripping your stalls! Feed/Hay available for purchase. Please name all persons wishing to stable together. Note: Access to stable area will be limited to authorized individuals. Wristband system employed for ID access to stables at all times.
Veterinarians: FEI: Debbie Williamson, DVM; Anne Baskett, DVM       
Vet. Coordinator: Nancy Goyert, DVM. Lead Treating Veterinarian: Michael Porter, DVM. Numbers of on-duty veterinarians will be posted at event.

PLEASE NOTE: We plan to accommodate the FEI-recommended ordering of the phases for CIC's. With Show Jumping preceding XC for the 3* and 2*, and possibly the 1*, Divisions, there will be no formal veterinary inspection on Sunday morning.

All within 5 miles: Special package rate for RHHT guests at the following hotels: Hampton Inn, (850) 562-4300 ; Hilton Garden Inn, (850)385-3553; Cabot Lodge, (850)385-7500. GIVE CODE RHHT FOR SPECIAL RATES. These three hotels are located on Raymond Diehl Road at Thomasville Road (US 319), immediately adjacent to I-10. Comprehensive list of area hotels and restaurants available from Red Hills Web, Camping: Self contained only. No hook-ups/no fee. Campgrounds: Tallahassee RV Park-8 mi. (850) 878-7641. Big Oak RV Park-15 mi., (850) 562-4660.

Tests & arena sizes: CIC3*: 2009 FEI Three Star Test A-Std.; A: 2010 USEF Advanced Test A-Std.; CIC2*: 2009 FEI Two-Star Test A-Std. I: 2010 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. CIC1*: 2009 FEI One Star Test A-Std. P: 2010 USEF Preliminary Test C- Std. Footing: Sand rings and sand & grass warm-ups. NOTE: PLEASE VERIFY TESTS ON RED HILLS WEB,

CIC3*: 3900 m @ 570mpm; A: 3800 m @ 570 mpm; CIC2*: 3500m @ 550 mpm. I: 3250 m @ 550 mpm. CIC1*: 3100 m @ 520 mpm;P: 2900 m @ 520 mpm. All courses have been reconfigured. See in January for details and for course maps. Difficult, technical, challenging courses. Variety of obstacles: ditches, banks, drops & water. Good footing, rolling terrain, no rocks. THESE COURSES SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED MOVE-UP COURSES.

Other Information:

Cross-country course closed; course not available for schooling.
Entry limit 225. Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant. State preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
Prize list available.
Food and Trade Fair on grounds.
Dogs must be leashed: $50 charge for loose dogs.
Parties: Thurs., Mar. 7 - Welcome party for competitors, grooms, owners and volunteers. Come as you are. Fri., Mar. 8 - Sponsors' Party, Sponsors' Tent on Grounds, Business Casual, sponsorship required; Sat., Mar. 9 -Competitor Dinner & Party, Casual. Detailed party info on Red Hills Web (
Photographer & Videographer on grounds. All event proceeds will benefit the Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park and the Northwest Florida Water Management District, & Tall Timbers Foundation, Inc.
Please be certain to read information above concerning the scheduling of CIC Show Jumping. National Divisions will Show Jump on Sunday, as usual.

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