ICP Levels Defined

ICP Levels are defined according to the riding/training/competing and horse care knowledge and skills that a certified instructor must successfully impart to his/her students for them to safely and competently meet the challenges presented at USEA and FEI eventing competitions. For identification of the required riding/training/competing, horse care, safety/medical, and teaching theory and practice content for each of ICP’s Levels, order the ICP Standards Booklet, 3rd Edition from the USEA office. (The Standards Booklet is included when a candidate instructor registers with ICP.)

Definitions of ICP Instructor Levels (for both regular and provisional ICP certification):

Level I-Novice: Instructors of riders through Novice level riding/training/competing and horse care

Level I-Training: Instructors of riders through Training level riding/training/competing and horse care

Level II: Instructors of riders through Preliminary, CIC*, Training Level Three-Day Event Test, CCI* riding/training/competing and horse care

Level III: Instructors of riders through Intermediate, CIC**, CCI** riding/training/competing and horse care

Level IV: Instructors of riders through Advanced, CIC***, CCI*** riding/training/competing and horse care

The above definitions of ICP Levels are the same for both the regular ICP certificate and the provisional ICP certificate.

Young Event Horse Instructor: Instructors of amateur and/or professional riders riding/training/competing young event horses, including horse care

Young Event Horse Professional Trainer: Professional trainers of young event horses, including riding/training/competing and horse care

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