Volunteer Awards

To reward our volunteers for their hard work throughout the year, the following awards are presented annually.

USEA Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented annually at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention. It is given to the volunteer who tops the Volunteer Incentive Program Leaderboard by accumulating the most volunteer hours over the course of the USEA competition year. The winner receives a cash prize of $1,000, a custom “USEA Volunteer of the Year” embroidered jacket, and a memorial trophy.

Volunteer Leaderboard

The top ten volunteers on the Volunteer Incentive Program Leaderboard receive a certificate of acknowledgment and a ribbon at the end of each competition year. The leaderboard may be found on www.EventingVolunteers.com.

Area Awards

All Areas are encouraged to acknowledge the hard work of their volunteers with their own awards. Please contact representatives from your Area to learn more about individual Area awards.

Area I: https://area1usea.org/

Area II: https://www.usea2.net/

Area III: https://www.usea3.org/

Area IV: http://useaiv.org/volunteer-1/

Area V: https://www.areaveventing.com/

Area VI: http://areavi.org/

Area VII: http://www.areavii.org/

Area VIII: http://www.usea8.org/

Area IX: https://areaixeventing.com/

Area X: http://www.useax.org/

Volunteer Medal Program (Coming Soon)

Similar to the Eventing Medal Program for horses and riders, the proposed Volunteer Medal Program will reward volunteers for earning 50, 100, and 200 hours in the course of a USEA competition year. The USEA has proposed the Volunteer Medal Program to begin in 2019, pending final approval.

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