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Any rider knows that training and competing takes up a huge part of their daily routine, but what happens when college interrupts that? The riders on the Auburn University Eventing Team are here to explain. The club was started in 2013 and was the 6th university to affiliate their Eventing team with the USEA. This year they have 30 active members, 7 of whom were on the USEA 2015 leaderboard. Don’t let their good grades and dressage scores fool you, all this traveling and competing takes a huge amount of time management and teamwork.
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This semester was an extremely successful one for the Clemson Eventing Team. We rode with amazing clinicians, competed in an Intercollegiate Team Challenge and hosted our own schooling show! The semester began with the team’s Fall dressage clinic with Jodi Lees. She is an “R” rated judge based out of Tryon, S.C. who also judges many Horse Trials throughout the southeast. The girls on the team absolutely loved Jodi’s style of teaching and everyone finished their lessons feeling accomplished. The team hopes to have her back for a clinic this spring.
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Since the inception of the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Intercollegiate Program in 2014, 31 colleges and universities have affiliated with the USEA to show their support and involvement. Many of these schools have competed in Collegiate Team Challenges at various Events including Virginia Horse Trials, Chattahoochee Hills, Twin Rivers, ESDCTA New Jersey Horse Trials, University of New Hampshire Horse Trial, Poplar Place Farm and FENCE. There has not been an overall Intercollegiate Championship, until now!
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Last weekend college students from across the southeast went head-to-head for another intercollegiate challenge title. This challenge was hosted by Poplar Place Farm in Hamilton, Ga. November 7-8th. The scholastic eventers toughed it out through ‘hell and high water’, literally, as rainfall in the days before and throughout the weekend was unrelenting. This was Poplar Place Farm’s first time hosting a team challenge because of the cancellation of the Chattahoochee Hills October H.T., the usual collegiate challenge host venue.
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College riders across the southeast are in their last weeks of preparation for the final intercollegiate competitions of the semester. The first will be hosted by the Virginia Horse Trials on Oct. 29-Nov. 1. The second Team Challenge will be hosted by Poplar Place Farm during their Nov. 7-8 Horse Trials. This event closes Tuesday, Oct. 20th, so anyone interested in participating should get their entries in! Click here for the omnibus listing.
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Libby Head from Area III shares her experiences of Intercollegiate Eventing at the University of Georgia and what could be done to advance the sport on campus, and Jennifer Hardwick, USEA Membership Director, explains Intercollegiate Membership and plans to develop the program.
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Colleges and universities are required to be an affiliate member with the USEA in order for current students to obtain the $25.00 discount on the Collegiate Membership. The Affiliate membership for 2015 is FREE!For Frequently Asked Questions regarding collegiate memberships, go here. 
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In 2014, the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Board of Governors approved the creation of the Intercollegiate Eventing Program as an official program of the USEA. Originally proposed with input from the Intercollegiate Eventing League, the program was established to provide a framework on which eventing teams and individual competition could flourish at universities and colleges across the country. Collegiate athletic programs have been the training grounds for Olympians, amateur athletes and professional athletes for generations.
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The University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio, recently hosted its first annual three-day eventing camp at their English Equine Facility - a facility that features three indoor arenas, an outdoor arena, a derby field, trails and a schooling cross-country course. Eventing will officially be added to the school's curriculum as of this fall. 
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