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The Transylvania University Eventing Team was established in 2013 and competes across the country at USEA sanctioned events.  As a Varsity sport, the team is engaged with the growing USEA Intercollegiate Program participating in high-profile events such as the Virginia Horse Trials, Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials, FENCE, Chatt Hills Horse Trials, River Glen and competitions at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Located in the heart of Lexington, KY we have access to many eventing competitions.  At Transylvania, the mission of our Eventing Team is to create an environment where student
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With the start of the spring season comes the resurgence of USEA Intercollegiate Program competitions in 2016. The first of these took place at the Poplar Place Farm March H.T. in Hamilton, Ga. last weekend. Students bring a unique excitement to these collegiate challenges radiating school spirit across the venue. Last weekend Poplar Place Farm was adorned with banners, color-coordinated cross-country gear, and cheers from each school.
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The Mississippi State Eventing team was founded with numerous goals in mind. Each team member joined with personal goals and the excitement of contributing toward a team of riders representing Mississippi State at intercollegiate challenges. A separate and arguably more important goal is to grow awareness of eventing at the grassroots level in Mississippi.The team was started late in the 2014 season. Founded by a small group of likeminded riders and friends, our newly formed team aimed towards the Chattahoochee Hills Intercollegiate Challenge in spring of 2015.
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Be an equestrian and a scholar at Otterbein University.  Otterbein boasts one of the oldest standing eventing teams at the collegiate level.  For 18+ years the nationally recognized equestrian program has been supporting collegiate level eventing.  USEA’s own CEO, Rob Burk was an active member of the event team at its inception. His passion for collegiate eventing translated to his time at the USEA where he helped introduce and secure Intercollegiate Eventing as an official USEA program in 2014. 
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The University of Findlay offers extensive opportunities for equine enthusiasts including their Intercollegiate Eventing Team. Founded in 2013, the team has seen huge growth as they continue to train and compete in Area VII. The Eventing Team, along with the other English riding programs, utilizes the state of the art James L. Child Equestrian Complex which features over 100 stalls, three indoor arenas and a fully staffed vet clinic.
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EVENTDATEOcala Winter H.T. IIFeb.
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Over the month long winter break University of South Carolina (USC) at Aiken Eventing Team members dispersed to spend time with family and friends from home.  From South America to New York, riders spent time reconnecting with family and recharging, both mentally and physically.  Our equine partners enjoyed the warm South Carolina weather as they got their own month long vacation just to be horses again.  The break was well-received after ending the last semester on a high note by
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Since its formation in 2012, the University of Georgia (UGA) Eventing Team has experienced overwhelming success. The UGA Eventing Team has won seven of the nine collegiate challenges we have participated in and received more top individual college rider ribbons than any other team. The 2015 USEA Intercollegiate Leaderboards featured numerous UGA Eventers at all levels. With all of these achievements in such little time, the UGA Eventing Team attracts riders from all over the country.
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The Columbus State University Event team was established in 2014 under the direction of Dean of Students, Aaron Reese, and with a base of members who continue to be a part of the team today. The team is based out of Poplar Place Farm in Hamilton, Ga. Sitting on 350 acres, Poplar Place Farm is the perfect location for training. The farm features both large and small dressage rings, competition caliber show jumping courses and a full cross-country course with obstacles ranging from pre-amoeba through the advanced level.
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