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Though there are no official requirements for scoring individual Intercollegiate Team Challenges, the USEA would like to encourage all hosting venues to use the following guidelines that are used at the USEA Intercollegiate National Championship.
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Q: I want to sign up for the Collegiate Program, but I do not see my school listed? A: If your school is not listed in the drop down menu, please contact your College or University and have them contact the USEA office for more information on how to become an affiliate school of the USEA (703) 779-0440 or email Jennifer Hardwick at [email protected] or Kate Lokey at [email protected] Q. If my school has an Equine program but is not a part of the program, how do we get our school to be included in the program?
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With the ringing in of 2017, The University of Florida’s Eventing Team is halfway through its inaugural first year. The idea of bringing an eventing team to the University of Florida (UF) was first kicked around at the end of the fall semester in 2015. With the rise of collegiate eventing, adding a team at UF made sense. There is a very strong pre-veterinary and equine program and the university is forty minutes from Ocala, Florida, one of the country’s eventing Meccas.
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The USEA Intercollegiate Eventing Program was created in 2014, and has since taken off with over forty schools affiliated and more than 100 members registered as collegiate riders. One of the biggest milestones of the program was the introduction of the Intercollegiate Leaderboard in 2016. This let college riders earn points at competitions around the country which reflected in their year-end status on the leaderboard. It worked much in the way that the amateur and junior leaderboards worked, and there was an Intercollegiate listing for each level.
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Although the land-grant, public university has always had strong agriculture, animal science, and veterinary programs, Iowa State University is now home to its first organized eventing team. As one of the newest teams to affiliate with the USEA, the ISU Eventing Team was organized in the summer and fall of 2016 and is an officially recognized student organization on campus.
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When the average person thinks of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a small town right off of route 15, they might think of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, and Gettysburg College.  However, if you’re an eventer, you might think of the location as Area II and home of the newly formed Gettysburg Eventing Team. Team member Ella Groner. Photo courtesy of the Gettysburg Eventing Team. 
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Area V currently has three universities with a collegiate eventing program – Texas A&M University, The University of Texas, and Texas Christian University – and they finally got the chance to go head-to-head last month at Pine Hill Horse Trials, with Texas A&M playing host to the first collegiate challenge hosted in the Area.
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Ann Arbor, MI, home of the University of Michigan, is often thought of as the quintessential “college town,” boasting the largest football stadium in the United States, strikingly beautiful academic buildings almost two centuries old, and a vibrant, student-oriented culture.To eventers in Michigan, though, Ann Arbor is also eventing country: within 20 minutes of campus are two USEA venues with courses through the Preliminary level, a handful of boarding facilities, and half a dozen shows sanctioned by The Eventing Association of Michigan.
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The Virginia Eventing and Dressage Team (VEDT) has grown to almost 30 members since its start in 2013.  VEDT welcomes eventers of all levels attending any of the schools at the University of Virginia; current members of the team have successfully competed from the beginner novice through CCI* levels. 
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The University of South Carolina (USCA) has decided to grab the reins and add another Eventing Club in the Southeast region at their main campus in Columbia, Sc. Riders at USC acknowledged the importance of riding programs for future and current students. The creation of this new program was designed to help students to both continue learning in the classroom and in the ring. USC eventers are eager to continually grow into community where students are able to foster relationships on the basis of their love for horses and the sport of eventing. 
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