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In November 2017 United States Equestrian (USEF) released the new 2018 dressage tests for eventing. Since the beginning of the competition year on December 1, 2017 those tests have been in use. In the early months of the competition season it was noted by organizers utilizing the Preliminary Test B, Intermediate Test B, and Advanced Test B that the approximate times on those tests were listed incorrectly.
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Volunteering is a great way to be involved in horse sports, whether you are an active competitor who wants to give back or you are a horse enthusiast who just wants to be involved. Every competitor in eventing must ride a dressage test, and every dressage judge at a horse trials or three-day event is required to have a scribe to write down their comments and scores during each ride so that they can focus on the horse and rider in front of them. That means that there is a great need for volunteers who are capable of scribing.
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Every few years the USEF releases new dressage tests for eventing and 2018 marked the year in the cycle for new tests. FEI 4* Eventing Judge, Marilyn Payne, led the committee charged with designing the 2018 tests, shares some of the insight of why certain movements were incorporated into the new tests. All the new dressage tests can be viewed here. Each level of competition has two test options: A and B. All A tests track left and all B tests track right.
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The USEA is made up of over 12,000 members, each with their own special horses and experiences. Now on Course highlights the many unique stories of our membership. Do you and your horse have a tale to tell? Do you know someone who deserves recognition? Submit your story to Jessica Duffy.
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