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The 2017 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention may have come and gone, but thanks to our friends at Ride On Video you will have the chance to relive the action as we share videos of the different sessions! 
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The following individuals received their USEF Eventing Officials License or were promoted by the USEF Licensed Officials Committee (LOC) at their meeting in April, 2018. The USEA is delighted to see new officials joining the eventing community and we encourage organizers to reach out to these officials for their future events. Eventing JudgeSarah Gonzalez, ‘r’Laurel, MD(954) [email protected]
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The 2017 United States Eventing Association (USEA) Annual Meeting and Convention at the Westin Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach, Calif., December 6-10, is less than two months away, and we could not be more excited about all the different topics and speakers that are lined up to present.The focus of this year’s convention is on event organizers, but our schedule will offer three different tracks that attendees can choose from: “Events,” Eventers,” and “Equine.” Each track will feature a variety of presentations and forums focused around a common theme to educate and engage members.
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With over 250 events to fit into 52 weekends, organizing the United States Eventing Association (USEA) and United States Equestrian (USEF) Recognized Event Calendar is like completing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Creating a balance of caring for longstanding events and welcoming new ones into the fold is the goal of the USEA and USEF as they create the calendar each year. With only so many competitors in the U.S.
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