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With over 250 events to fit into 52 weekends, organizing the United States Eventing Association (USEA) and United States Equestrian (USEF) Recognized Event Calendar is like completing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Creating a balance of caring for longstanding events and welcoming new ones into the fold is the goal of the USEA and USEF as they create the calendar each year. With only so many competitors in the U.S.
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For all returning USEA members, amateur status will transfer automatically each year to the next competition season. It is the responsibility of each competitor to inform the USEA of any changes to their status. Amateur status begins at the time it is declared and is benefits are not retroactive. A fine of $50.00 will be assessed for each inquiry to consider activating status at an earlier date.
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Name or ID  (use spaces for last names, example: 'Dutton' 'Phillip' or 'Phillip Dutton' - Minimum 3 Chars.
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The USEA and eventing in general has many opportunities to volunteer and give back to the sport. Volunteer positions are available at local events, in every area, as well as on a national level by volunteering with a USEA committee. There is a place for every eventing enthusiast to volunteer!
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