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Helmets have come a long way from when they were being made out of cloth and shellac. Many of those advances are due to the plethora of modern materials. Selecting the right materials to be used in a Charles Owen helmet is an art in itself and is essential in creating the safest helmet possible.
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Mountain Horse and the USEA have been partnering together for the past several years to provide USEA members and eventing enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase high quality Mountain Horse jackets and fleeces featuring the USEA logo. In 2013, the USEA and Mountain Horse will join forces once again to sell Mountain Horse USEA logo wear.
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The USEA is delighted to welcome back Fun In The Saddle “FITS” as a sponsor for 2013. FITS will be sponsoring the Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships for the fourth year, and in addition the company will be sponsoring the Adequan USEA Gold Cup for the first time.
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Before a helmet can even begin to head to the first step of production, Charles Owen has to decide what kind of helmet needs to be made. Charles Owen offers a wide variety of helmets that suits the needs of every equestrian. The designers pay close attention to trends in both equestrian and mainline fashion as well as safety and technological innovations before coming up with hundreds of designs, which are then whittled down to a few products that are worthy of the Charles Owen brand.  Each helmet released is a direct result of what riders need and want.
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Following the most extensive drought in 25 years, horse owners are facing hay shortages, increased prices and pastures in poor condition.1 We asked an equine nutrition expert about alternatives to feeding hay and what horse owners can do to help fill the gap left by these unusual and difficult conditions. To get a complete picture of why hay is important to horses’ diets, Jolene Wright, Consumer Service Specialist, Nutrena, responded to some commonly asked questions.
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The USEA had a fabulous group of sponsors in 2012, and thanks to their generosity we were able to give away over $100,000 in prize money and $140,000 worth of prizes for winners throughout the year. In addition to our sponsors, the USEA has quite a few amazing donors that allow the USEA and USEA Endowment Trust to award over $75,000 in grants each year.Prizes given in 2012 included:-          500 bottles of Omega Alpha Supplements-          252 doses of Adequan
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Use of Bismuth in Horses UnprovenApril Knudson, DVM, is an equine specialist with Merial Veterinary Services. She has a special interest in equine gastrointestinal health, infectious disease and lameness. She holds a doctor of veterinary medicine from the University of California-Davis. Below, she answers a question about the use of bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto-Bismol®or a generic equivalent) in horses.
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Check out FirstTrue or False? Here’s a quick quiz to test your equine drug knowledge:·         FDA-approved drugs have been tested for safety and effectiveness.1·         It is legal for pharmacies to compound (make a change to) drugs in some cases.1
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Lexington, Kentucky, November 5, 2012- PROCHAPS, a Canadian manufacturer of high-performance riding chaps, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the unique new "PROCHAPS/USEA YOUNG RIDERS' INSTRUCTOR RECOGNITION AWARDS" program. 
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Introducing the NEW COLDFLEX® High Performance Package – which contains the most requested and most important COLDFLEX® products needed for extreme riding and training. This amazing High Performance Package is perfect for those who need easy-to-use cold therapy that will provide serious cooling and comfort after each ride! Within the High Performance Carry-Case, you will receive four (4) - 3” x 72” COLDFLEX® Compression Wraps, One (1) - Medium 36" x 50" COLDFLEX® Cooling Blanket, as well as directions for use.
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