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The warm up at a competition can often feel overwhelming. With horses circling, steward’s calling, and adrenaline pumping, it can be hard recalling all the proper etiquette, so it’s best to review before you head to the show! Following these guidelines can help the competition run more smoothly and safely for everyone.
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The USEA Board of Governors concluded the 2016 Convention with their final meeting on Sunday morning. Carol Kozlowksi opened her first meeting as the USEA President, sharing that she believed the weekend was an astounding success.
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For the first Board of Governors meeting of the 2016 Annual Meeting and Convention, the reports presented by the Board members were overall of a positive nature. President, Diane Pitts reported that starters, members and competitions numbers are all up and the USEA has focused on some exciting programs this past year with initiatives such as the collapsible fence study, warm-up safety and watch lists.
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The summer meeting of the USEA Board of Governors was held last week in Dulles, Virginia. With full representation of the Board plus quite a few staff members, it was a productive meeting as this dedicated group of volunteers discussed a variety of topics and worked towards solutions.
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The USEA Board of Governors met for two full days this past week in Dulles, Virginia for the annual summer Board Meeting. The main focus of the summer Board Meeting is strategic planning and addressing the issues that face the sport and its many constituents. Much of the focus was on ways to keep the sport welcoming and user-friendly for all levels of competition. 
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The USEA is delighted to announce that Doug Payne, 33, of Aiken, South Carolina has been appointed to the USEA Board of Governors and will begin his term of service immediately. Doug graciously agreed to fill the seat left by Jack Leary, who passed away April 25.
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Area, Name, Term -- PositionAt-Large, Carol Kozlowski, 2017-2019 --  PresidentArea I, Katherine Cooper, 2015-2017 --  Board MemberArea II, Morgan Rowsell, 2017-2019 --  Board MemberArea III, Leslie Law, 2015-2017 --  Vice President of Active AthletesArea IV, Denise Dailey-Thomas, 2016-2018 —  Board MemberArea V, Debra Dealcuaz, 2015-2017 --  Vice President of Area AffairsArea VI, Eric Markell, 2016-2018 --  Board Member
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At the 2014 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention, we bid farewell to two departing board members; Jonathan Holling and Mike Winter had both fulfilled their 6-year term on the USEA Board of Governors. But, after a fond sendoff, the membership welcomed two new board members: Morley Thompson, Jr. and Harold “Tink” Eichell. Additionally, Leslie Law will take over the VP of Active Athletes position from Holling.
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The USEA is seeking nominations for the 2013 USEA Board of Governors. Please fill out the BOG Nominee Application and submit it by Wednesday, August 1, 2012.
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