YEH Championship Information

2017 East Coast YEH Championships: October 11-12 at Fairhill International in Elkton, MD

2017 West Coast YEH Championships: October 5 at Woodside International Three-Day Event & H.T. in Woodside, CA

2017 YEH Judges: TBA

The YEH Championships will require horses to negotiate a small water obstacle and a ditch. Fence parameters for the YEH Championships will be set up to Training level for four-year-olds and Preliminary level for five-year-olds.

Please note that the heights of the fences for the YEH Championships are as follows:

Four-year-old Championships – 30 percent of the jumps must be at the maximum height of 3'3" to mirror the specifications for the Training level.
Five-year-old Championships - 30 percent of the jumps must be at the maximum height of 3'7" to mirror the specifications for the Preliminary level.

The judge must be able to easily see all fences on the jumping course. Again an ideal design for the jumping section would be a relatively open space with several show jumps at the beginning of the course. This allows the horse to jump the more technical fences then move on to a more forward stride to the cross-country course. There should be a total of 10-12 fences.

There must be enough room for the horse to gallop away from the last fence for long enough that the judge can assess the quality of the gait.

Also included in the Jumping Section – Gallop and General Impression
Horses are required to show their gallop immediately following the last jump.

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