Xentry FAQs


What does Xentry mean?
Xentry is derived from "Express Entry" implying a fast entry process. It is pronounced Ex-Entry.

Why should I use Xentry?
Xentry is the easiest online entry system because the data is coming directly from the source, the USEA competitions and membership database. When you log on to the site all of your information as well as your horse's information is already there. Xentry allows you to complete minimal steps to a complete an entry for any USEA recognized horse trial.

Am I going to have to retype all my info in a hard-to-use USEA system?
No, Xentry will be automatically populated by the USEA membership and competition databases. It will remain updated with all of the latest results and as well as any changes you make to your membership profile in the current online services dashboard.

What will happen to other online entry systems now? Why is the USEA reinventing the wheel?
Other entry systems will continue to exists and new ones will continue to arrive.  Feel free to use the one that best suites your needs, and the USEA will continue to support them through data exchange.  USEA Xentry is a completely different approach than other existing online entry systems. We wanted to create something easy to use that works within our New Online Services using USEA Competitions and Membership Management System data and qualifications. Xentry isn't a standalone product it is but rather just a small part of a much larger Management System.

How much money did the USEA spend to develop Xentry?
The USEA developed Xentry as a part of the USEA Competitions and Membership Management System with internal IT staff within the normal operating budget of the association.

Will the USEA have a staff member to manage Xentry full time?
Xentry is maintained as a part of the USEA Online Services by the IT department at the USEA.

Should I encourage my local organizer to accept Xentry?
All USEA recognized events are required to receive Xentry forms as they do with paper entry forms; however, we do encourage organizers to begin to accept electronically submitted entries so they may participate in the data exchange with the USEA. You will still be able to enter events which choose not to accept electronic submitted entries by printing out your entry and mailing it in to the secretary of the event. Xentry is not just an organizer's tool but also a competitor's tool and we encourage all competitors to use it.


Did the USEA create Xentry to make money?
No, the USEA created Xentry as a service to our members. The only fee that will be charged is going to be used to handle the costs associated with processing and handling of the credit cards.

Why do you have to charge a convenience fee for credit cards?
The fee being charged is actually a handling and transfer fee.  Not all events in the country are able to, or want to, accept credit cards, so the USEA is offering a service to accept credit cards on behalf of the events. The USEA will cover the overhead we incur of handling and transferring the money to the event.  Paying by check does not incur a fee since the check goes directly to the organizer and the USEA does not handle it.

Is Xentry free if you want to pay by check?
Yes, it is free for all to use.

If I am entering multiple horses can I pay for them all online with one convenience fee?
Yes, multiple horses for the same rider can be paid at the same time using one credit card payment.

Which credit cards does Xentry accept?
MasterCard and Visa.

Can you pay for your entry with PayPal?
Not at this time.

When is my payment sent to the Secretary of the event?
Once an entry is paid, the Secretary of the event is immediately notified of the entry through an email. Though the event is notified of the payment, the USEA sends lump sums to organizers on a weekly basis for all entries made within the prior week with a detailed accounting report. The USEA has stated to all organizers and secretaries that any payment received by USEA will be guaranteed to the organizer.  Some secretaries have elected to accept payments through the USEA after closing date because of this policy.

What if I need a refund?
Refunds will still need to be arranged through the event secretary. Please contact the USEA if there are problems with credit card payments.

Will competitors be able to stop payment on their credit card if the event is cancelled or they scratch?
Accepting credit cards is always a risk as stop payment is allowed on most all credit cards. However, the USEA will hope that members will go through the proper channels to acquire their refunds, and will not jeopardize the USEA's ability to accept credit cards.


Will the USEA automatically keep my results updated so my qualifications stay current?
Yes, your qualifications will be updated automatically as results are entered by our staff into the competitions database.

When is my entry data sent to the Secretary of the event?
Once an entry is submitted, the secretary of the event is immediately notified of the entry through an email.  Though the event is notified of the entry, the event can collect this information in a number of different ways.

1. Startbox Scoring events have the ability to collect all the data from Xentry directly through their system.  
2. USEA has also provided electronic files as requested with all data.  
3. Other events log into USEA Online Services and download entry and coggin's documents on demand.
4. Some events have requested that all entry paperwork is to be sent by the competitor seperately through the mail.  

While the USEA plans for a full electronic process in the future, we are working to make the process better for all events and participants no matter how they elect to receive their entry data.

Do I still have to mail in my signatures, Coggins and deposits?
Coggins will be accepted electronically, however, you currently will still have to mail in signatures and deposits. We are working towards a completely paperless entry for our users. It is also important to remember that not all events will accept electronic entries, for some events you will also need to mail in your entry form.  We are working with events to improve the flow of entry data.  If you have any trouble with getting your data to the secretary, please contact us at [email protected].

Are organizers and secretaries going to be stuck using multiple systems of receiving entries?
The print and mail Xentry will be identical to a current entry. If the event decides to accept electronic submissions we will work with the software that the event uses to provide automatically exchanged data. We hope that Xentry will make things easier for secretaries and not more difficult.

Can I use Xentry to enter an event for my child/spouse/employer if I am not a USEA member?
Currently you will need to login in with the competitor's membership USEA username and password.  In the near future, we will offer barn and family accounts to manage multiple competitors under the same account. This capability is being prepared for launch in mid-September of 2012.

What if I need to withdraw from the show or change my horse or division?
You will need to contact the organizer or secretary.  You can find this contact information either in the Xentry list entries page or on the USEA's onlineomnibus, calendar and results page.


Can I use Xentry as a Beginner Novice Non-Member?
Yes!  You can enter an event as a non-member.  When you log into USEA Online Services for the first time, you will be assigned a USEA ID.  Xentry will use this ID to allow you to enter BN events without becoming an active paid member.

Can I use Xentry with a Non-Registered Horse?
Yes. Xentry is backed by the USEA database, so horses and riders must be added to our database for Xentry to work.   You must only use horses that are registered in the USEA database, but you CAN register a new horse at the Test level for FREE.  Once the horse is registered, you can proceed to entry with your newly registered horse.

Can I enter 3 Day Events or FEI Level Events using Xentry?
Not at this time. This capability is being prepared for launch in mid-September of 2012.

What do I do if I have a question about Xentry?
Contact[email protected]

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