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February 8, 2017

The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award, which aims to recognize safe and effective cross-country riding at the Training level, will kick off the 2017 season in February at the Pine Top Advanced H.T. Junior and adult amateur Training level riders entered will be vying for a chance to receive a Charles Owen Body Protector and helmet bag. Year-end high-point winners will receive a Charles Owen helmet.

January 27, 2017

As the season is picking up in our southern states, many competitors are getting ready to leave the startbox. If you are heading off to your first competition of the year, you have surely remembered to renew your USEA membership and sent in all the necessary paperwork, but have you checked that you are entered in an appropriate division? 

A rider division is open to competitors who have not completed an event above the next highest level in the last five years. For example, if Suzy successfully completed a Preliminary event in 2014, she cannot enter the Novice Rider division this weekend.

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