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Fri, 2016-10-07 13:33

Willow Draw Adds CIC/CCI* to Area V Calendar in 2017

Authored By: Mary Hirsch
Kadi Eykamp and Last Dance, owned by Janet Book, at Willow Draw’s wet but wonderful spring horse trials. Photo by Terrie Hatcher Photography

Willow Draw in Weatherford, TX (Area V) is sharing two important announcements: 

  • Willow Draw Charity Show on November 5th will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s “Saddle Upfor St. Jude” fundraising event. St. Jude’s is a world-renowned research facility dedicated to defeating childhood cancer and other life-threatening childhood diseases.
  •  Beginning in September 2017, Willow Draw has been approved to run a CCI* and a CIC*, thereby adding twomore FEI divisions to the Area V calendar for 2017.

Preparation for the November 5th horse trials and the 2017 CIC* and CCI* courses are in the hands of course designerAdri Lea Doyal. Course development includes the addition of new signature obstacles created by Marvin Savage.

Adri Doyal spoke of her philosophy of course design as “conscientious”, producing a course that “takes riders a bit out oftheir comfort zone, but is still horse-friendly even if a rider makes a mistake”. Adri says she approaches her courses as “apiece of music that builds from an inviting beginning to the challenging high notes and more complex rhythms, thenfinishes on softer tones."

Organizer Tre’ Book and Adri are in agreement that even though they enjoy adding newer jump materials and designs,they “don’t want a course like an over-sized derby field”. So, evolving aesthetics are being creatively built into atraditional, forward-thinking ride.

Tre’ Book emphasizes that “We are grateful for the trust that Siobhan O’Brien and the Area V council has placed with usduring Willow Draw’s first year of USEA recognized horse trials”. Tre’ and Janet Book continue to put the emphasis on asafe, smoothly-run event. Outstanding courses and a great competitor experience is the priority for Willow Draw horsetrials.

Although pleased to present their new USEA-recognized events, Tre’ and Janet Book see Willow Draw’s first priority as aschooling and training facility. Many options are being built to move even things such as walls and trakheners to keepthe course fresh and useful for Area V riders during the months after the horse trials.


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