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Tue, 2009-09-22 00:00

Virginia Horse Trials Has Something For Everyone

Authored By: Virginia Horse Trials

The Fall Virginia Horse Trials has an activity for every competitor this year. Some of the featured events are: The Chronicle of the Horse/USEA Eastern Adult Team Challenge, Area II Preliminary Championships, A College Team Challenge,Show Jumping Test, and  Future Event Horse Championships.

College Team Challenge

Penny and Brian Ross of The Virginia Horse Trials in Lexington, Virginia are proud to announce the second College Team Challenge (CTC) for Eventing at the fall competition scheduled to run on October 30th - November 1st , 2009.

We are inviting any college to put together a team of four riders to compete at any level that we are offering which is Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, Preliminary and Intermediate. The four team members may be at the same level or four different levels or any combination of levels (e.g. 2 novices and 2 Training).

 The competition will run in accordance with the 2009 USEF Eventing, general and drugs/medication rules. All team riders are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to all competitors of the VHT.

The winning team is the one with the lowest penalty points from their best three riders at the end of the competition. In the case of a tie the team with the highest third place score will win. A team member that fails to finish the competition will score 1000 penalties.

Our experienced scoring team has, through research, managed to come up with a scoring system that will make all levels equal by using a co-efficient to balance the scores. The average winning scores over the last five years at the Virginia Horse Trials have differed at each level. The following system will be used:

a)    Beginner Novice - coefficient of 1.1 (a HT score of 23 is a CTC score of 25.3)
b)    Novice -  coefficient of 1.0 (a HT score of 23 is a CTC score of 23)
c)    Training - coefficient of 0.9 (a HT score of 23 is a CTC score of 20.7)
d)    Preliminary - coefficient of 0.8 (a HT score of 23 is a CTC score of 18.4)
e)    Intermediate - coefficient of 0.75 (a HT score of 23 is a CTC score of 17.25)

Another way to look at this is that to receive a CTC score of 36, a  BN rider needs a 32.73, a N rider a 36, a T rider a 40, a P rider a 45, and an I rider a 48.

Each team may enter up to five riders but must name the four team members by 6:00 pm on Friday October 31st. It is permitted for a team to start only three riders. Each team member will automatically be entered in the regular horse trials to be eligible for individual awards. We ask that all teams name a person/coach/trainer that is responsible for sending the team entries and stabling forms to the Virginia Horse Trials in one envelope prior to the closing date(October 13th 2009). Each team will be stabled together and will receive one free tack stall. We encourage the teams to have a team name.

To be eligible riders must be actively enrolled in a two or four year college, university or institute of higher learning. Those schools that are not able to field a full team may combine with another institute(s).

The USEA horse trial Entry forms are available in the United States Eventing Association omnibus. More information can be found on line at .

Show Jumping Test

Jumping in the indoor Coliseum Friday, October 30, 2009
3:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Class 1    2’3” – 3’0”  3:00pm – 5:30pm
Class 2  3’0” – 3’9”   5:30pm – 7:30pm

12-16 flagged jumps, including 2 combinations will be set up. In each class at least 1/3 of the fences will be of minimum height and at least 1/3 of the fences will be of maximum height.  The spread on oxers will not exceed maximum height. Combinations are considered to be two jump

Fences are to be jumped in random order but you must jump a minimum of 10 jumps to receive a “Style” score. You can jump the same jump 10 times or five jumps twice or 10 jumps once or any variety within the 75 second time limit. You must jump at least one combination. Jumping more than 10 efforts is rewarded with 5 bonus points for each successful jump.  The judge’s signal will sound at the end of the 75 seconds.  The score will count if (at the judge’s’ discretion) you are presented to a jump at that time.

Scoring: Each clear jump scores 10 points. Jumping an obstacle that has been knocked down will incur 10 penalties. Faults will be assessed the same as national rules and deducted from the final score. (e.g. The first 10 jumps you have 8 clear jumps and 2 knocked down, scores 72, plus 3 clear bonus jumps (15), a final score of 87.  The time will start when you cross the start line which you must do within 30 seconds of the signal. “Style” score (Horse and Rider) 30 points maximum determined by the judges. The winner is the highest score, jumping and style combined (e.g. 87 + 27 = 114).

Entry Fee $30.00
With 10 ribbons and $5.00 Cash back to the top three places
50%, 30% 20%

Sign up sheet can be found in the show office.  Sign up will begin at noon a.m. Friday, no sooner .  This is  a first come first served. Once all the time slots are gone they are gone! Slots must be paid for upon sign up, no slots will be held or pre held or pre paid . 

Future Event Horse Championships

The IDHSNA/USEA Future Event Horse Championships will be held in conjunction with the Fall Virginia Horse Trials. The Championships are tentatively scheduled for Friday mid-morning in the East Complex. More details to follow - but mark your calendars! 

Reminder, horses must have attended one FEH show to qualify for the FEH championships--no qualifying score is necessary.

For more information on the Series, please contact Wendy Weinstein ([email protected]) or Emily Daily ([email protected]).


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