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Wed, 2018-06-27 08:20

VIDEO: Get Free Tax Money for Your Event with Rob Burk

Authored By: USEA
USEA CEO Rob Burk. USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.

The 2017 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention may have come and gone, but thanks to our friends at Ride On Video you will have the chance to relive the action as we share videos of the different sessions! 

In this educational presentation from the 2017 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention, USEA CEO Rob Burk shares information about federal, state, and local government programs that event organizers can tap into to obtain free money. Notably, state and local governments like to promote and grow business in their community by providing incentive in the form of grant and loan programs to sporting events large and small. Eventing competitions attract out-of-area visitors to hotels, restaurants, shops, gas stations, etc. which in turn keeps funds flowing into local economies.

Check out these tips for success in pursuing these grants and loans and then watch the video of the presentation or check out the educational PowerPoint to learn more!

  1. Have a business plan.
  2. Perform an economic impact analysis.
  3. Set your goals for your event. Where does your event need the most help? How can a grant/loan help you get there?
  4. Determine your event’s needs. What do you need to meet your goals?
  5. Investigate what grants, awards, and loans might best fit your event or property. There are federal, state, and local programs as well as private programs for non-profits.
  6. Focus on key words and terms in your research.
  7. Get to know your local leaders.
  8. Don’t count on the funds you may receive – they are intended to be supplementary!
  9. Consider registering your event as a 501(c)(3).

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