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Wed, 2018-06-13 08:12

VIDEO: ABCs of Entering an Event with Mary Coldren and Christina Gray

Authored By: USEA

The 2017 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention may have come and gone, but thanks to our friends at Ride On Video you will have the chance to relive the action as we share videos of the different sessions! 

Together, event secretaries Mary Coldren and Christina Gray process approximately 14,000 horse show entries a year. At the 2017 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention, they hosted an open forum session to discuss best practices for entering events and answer questions from the audience. Topics covered include how to enter an event, what the closing date means, how to select the correct division preference, what makes an entry complete, how to make a change to an entry, how to get a refund, and what you need to enter your first FEI event!

Top takeaways from Coldren and Gray:

  • Make your secretary’s life easier by using the preferred method of entry specified in the omnibus (Xentry, Event Entries, etc.)
  • Please send complete entries! You are not entered in an event until the secretary has a complete entry and you have submitted payment.
  • Double check you and your horse’s registration numbers when putting them on your entry.
  • Mailed entries must be received by the closing date, but you can enter and pay online on the closing day.
  • If you need to make changes, include in your email as much information as possible including your name, your horse’s name, and what changes you need to make.

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