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Mon, 2017-07-03 11:58

USEF Approves Extraordinary Rule Changes

Authored By: USEA

Three extraordinary rule changes for eventing were just passed by the USEF Board of Directors. These rule changes will be effective starting on September 1, 2017. 

These rule changes are not yet in the full USEF Rules For Eventing but will be included in the coming months.

Permitted Saddlery for Dressage (Chapter EV Appendix 4)

Captions to the plates showing permitted bits will be added which say:

Various snaffle bridle bits:

  • Any of the rings or cheeks show on these plates is permitted with any of the bits

17. A loose ring snaffle in which the ring slides in short sleeves above and below the mouthpiece

Intent of Rule Change:

The proposed change would clarify that the practice of mixing approved cheeks and rings with approved bits, which has been acceptable for many years (and remains so) may continue without question. It also clarifies the appropriateness of a commonly used bit which is humane in design but not approved by the FEI for use in the Dressage Phase of Eventing Competitions.

EV104 Horse [CHAPTER EV1-General Rules for All Eventing]

EV104 Participation

HORSES. At FEI Competitions running concurrently with a National Competition, if a horse is eliminated in the Dressage tests for reasons unrelated to horse welfare, the National Ground Jury of the Competition, in consultation with the Technical Delegate and the Organizing Committee, may at their discretion, allow the horse to compete in a National Competition at the same height level or below.

Intent of Rule Change:

It has been accepted practice for the riders of horses eliminated during the Dressage Phase of FEI Eventing Competitions, for reasons other than those of horse welfare, to be permitted to compete the horse in National Competitions of the same height level, at the discretion of the National Ground Jury in consultation with the Organizing Committee where both levels run concurrently. Recently, there have been inquiries about this practice and the Committee believes that this is due, in part, to the change to GR914.3 which states: "If a horse is withdrawn or eliminated from competition during a horse inspection at any FEI licensed competition, it is prohibited from competing at any concurrently held Federation licensed competitions within 48 hours following the FEI Horse Inspection."

In order to avoid further confusion, to ensure the consistent application of the Eventing rules as they pertain to this practice and to provide clarity, the Committee agreed upon the proposed change to EV104.4 described herein.

EV139 Cross-Country Courses


FEI Levels: CIC - Same as the equivalent National Level, but must include a white border around the edge of the flag, e.g. CIC1 white on green background with white border around the edge of the flag. CCI - Same as the equivalent National Level, but the corners must be dog-eared (triangle in shape) in white, not less than one inch from the corner inward. BOD 1/16/16 Effective 12/1/16

If an event is running FEI levels and National levels of the same height level, the National level must be differentiated from the FEI level(s).

Intent of Rule Change:

The intent of this rule is to ensure the rule is enforceable and to provide clarity for Organizers who offer National and FEI divisions at the same height level, to ensure that fences for their National Cross-Country Courses can be differentiated from their FEI Courses.


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