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Fri, 2012-12-07 16:14

USEA Year End Awards Winners

Authored By: USEA

In addition to the USEA year-end leaderboard winners, the USEA and USEA Endowment Trust preneted many exciting awards and grants at today's Awards luncheon. The winners of these awards are below: 

Worth The Trust Scholarships: Young Adult: Alexander Makowski: Adult Amateur: Carla Vaneffen

Christine E. Stafford Groom Award: Kathryn Thornton

Vintage Cup: Jim Wolf

Ironmaster Award: Anna Beeson

Cornerstone Instructors Award: Susan Harris, Cory Walkey, Becky Brown, Pat Bunge

Andrew H. Popiel Memorial Trophy: Ruth and Phil Sawin

Posthole Digger Award: Travers Schick

Governs Cup: Cynthia Wiseman, Cindy DePorter, Mike Winter

Wofford Cup: Robert Kellerhouse

Nutrena Rising Star: Bailey Moran

Young Rider of the Year: Connor Husain

Adult Amateur of the Year: Kevin Keane

Lady Rider of the Year: Sarah Cousins

Rider of the Year: Phillip Dutton

Pony of the Year: Bento Box

Mare of the Year: Schoensgreen Hanni

Horse of the Year: Mr. Medicott

Adequan USEA Gold Cup Reserve Champion: Becky Holder and Can’t Fire Me

Adequan USEA Gold Cup Champion: Becky Holder and Courageous Comet

Beacon Charm Grant
The Beacon Charm Grant is named for and in memory of Mrs. Henry du Pont’s international horse, Beacon Charm. Ridden by Bruce Davidson, Beacon Charm came to Eventing from the show ring and in his first year of Eventing as an eight-year-old rose through the levels to win the National Intermediate Three-day Championship at Radnor in 1981. The following year, Bruce took him to the Rome CCI in Italy and won it, which resulted in him being Bruce’s second short-listed horse for the 1982 World Championships in Luhmuhlen. Sadly, a brilliant future was cut short, when Beacon Charm died in his field of a heart related condition. He was ten-years-old.

This year the grant is being awarded to a talented Young Rider who successfully completed at the 2012 North American Young Riders Championship and who exhibits all the qualities of hard work, dedication, and commitment, needed to become a senior international rider.

The $5,000 grant was awarded this year to Lizzie Snow.

Essex Grant
The Essex Grant is intended to assist the lucky recipient develop the essential horsemanship skills required for a successful transition from the Young Riders’ ranks into the senior rider ranks and the funds may be used to offset expenses related to coaching fees, training fees, and competition fees.

The winner of this year’s $10,000 Essex Grant is Meghan O’Donoghue.

Rebecca Broussard Rider Grants
The Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grants are designed to assist and to encourage the development of Event Riders at the highest level of the sport.  These grants will be awarded to offset some of the travel and training expenses in the pursuit of achieving the qualities of an international rider. These Grants are not available to riders who have already achieved the honor of representing the U.S. at international CCIO3* or 4* Eventing competitions.  

The Rebecca Broussard National Developing Rider Grant is awarded to Tamra Smith.

The Rebecca Broussard International Developing Rider Grant is awarded to Jolie Wentworth.

Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series
There was also a great annnouncement of the $40,000 which will available as prize money for the Advanced division at the 2013 Nutrena USEA American Eventing Champions as part of the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series. 



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