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Mon, 2016-06-13 11:45

USEA to use MobileCause to Better Reach its Members

Authored By: USEA

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) has become the newest nonprofit to join MobileCause, a mobile and online fundraising and communication software. A large portion of the USEA membership is constantly on the go, and smartphones are the way they stay connected. The USEA wants to make it easier for its members to support the programs that are so important to ensuring the safety and future of the sport of eventing.

By utilizing the services of MobileCause the USEA will be able to communicate instantly with its members, from reminding USEA members to renew, a certain event is closing or to purchase convention tickets. It also allows USEA members to become fundraisers on behalf of the programs through crowdfunding. The platform will first be used by the USEA Foundation.  

"The USEA and USEA Foundation fully appreciate that we all live In a fast-paced and technologically driven society," said Jo Whitehouse, USEA Development Director. "It is clear that the majority of the eventing community now communicates using their smartphones to keep in touch with everything that is happening in the sport. Appreciating this fact, and after hearing from many that they would willingly support our programs if it was simpler and quicker to do so, the USEA Foundation has chosen the services of MobileCause to make that possible. Reaching out to our members and keeping them informed in a way that suits their busy lives is key to further developing the USEA's relationship with all who love this sport."

The USEA Foundation exists to protect and preserve the sport of eventing by ensuring the future of the many education, safety and equine welfare-focused programs of the USEA. MobileCause will allow members to support the programs of their choosing safely, quickly and in a manner that fits their on-the-go lifestyles.

All members with listed mobile phone numbers will be included in the MobileCause program when it is launched next Tuesday. You will receive an activation text alerting you that you will begin to receive MobileCause notifications from us via text message. These text message reminders will link you directly to a donation page which will allow you to choose to donate to a program of your choice. However, the USEA respects the privacy of its members and you can reply “STOP” at any point if you wish to unsubscribe.

Thank you for supporting the USEA Foundation as they work to ensure the future of eventing.  


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