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Mon, 2016-12-19 14:59

USEA Event Companion App, Now Available for iOS and Android

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is excited to introduce a new feature to our members, the USEA Event Companion App. Have you ever been on the way to an event and realize you need the address? Or gotten in the warm up only to forget your dressage test? This app is designed to make your life easier and make all necessary competition information available at your fingertips. The app is now available for iOS and Android devices. 

With the Event Companion App, you search and sort events by name, level or distance. If you have an event you regularly attend, you can “favorite” that event, which will save it to a personalized list. This allows users to quickly access information for their most frequented events. Your favorite events can also be stored offline, so you can access information even when you are out of network. Eventually, the app will be able to give push notifications for the opening and closing dates of these events.

“The USEA Event Companion was created to quickly provide important information that you need while you plan, prepare and participate at a USEA competition. While the first version of the app has its limitations, we have big plans for it,” commented Robert Winter, The USEA Director of Information Systems Management.

“The USEA is supporting its on-going development, so there will be regular new features and fixes. In the near future, it will expand to support both recognized and registered events, event app notifications, deep result searches and integrations with other third-party eventing apps.”

Once downloaded, if you see something you like, or want to share your ideas please contacts us at [email protected].

Here are a few of the features of the USEA Event Companion App:

  • Latest USEA News Features
  • Current Events (Events this Week)
  • Calendar of Events
    • Sort by Name, Date or Distance
    • Filter by Name of Event, Level, and Event Date
  • Event Detail Listing
    • Full Omnibus Details
    • Dressage Test Reference
    • "Star" your favorite events for quick reference
    • Clickable Address, Emails and Phone Numbers for Event Contacts
    • Helpful Links: Shortcut to helpful event links like, horse registration, membership, event evaluation form, rulebook, qualification summary, etc.
  • My Profile (with valid USEA Online Services Login)
    • Update USEA Profile Information
      • USEA User Profile Data
      • Recent Results
      • Recent Xentry Forms
      • Update Profile Details
    • Listing of Related Horses
      • Horse Profile Data
      • Update Profile Details (Horse Admin and Owners)
      • Recent Results
      • Recent Xentry Forms
      • PDF to Full USEA Horse Profile Report
    • Search All Horses with Recent Posted Results
  • Favorites
    • Offline Access of Event Details (access even when out of network)
    • (FUTURE) Push Notifications of Posted Omnibus Changes
    • (FUTURE) Sync Favorites across devices and Online Services/Xentry
  • Contact List for USEA Departments 



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