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Mon, 2009-01-26 00:00

USEA Board of Governors and USEF Board of Directors Approve Proposed “Return To Play” Rule

Authored By: USEA

Voted on at the USEF Convention, this rule change will prevent riders who have suffered unconsciousness or sustained concussions as a result of falls or accidents during competition or in competition warm-up arenas from returning to competition until they have been signed off by a licensed medical professional.

From time to time rules are adopted which change the sequence of rule numbering. The rule reference used here is the rule number that appears in the current website version of the United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. Rulebook.

Proposed Change:
Chapter 13. Competition Participants and Associated Individuals: Add new subchapter and rule:

GR1316 Accidents Involving Competitors
1.    This rule pertains to accidents involving competitors in schooling or competition areas at Federation-Licensed or endorsed competitions.

2.    In the event of a fall/accident where the competitor is apparently unconscious or concussed, he/she is precluded from competing until evaluated by qualified medical personnel as defined in GR1211.5. If the competitor refuses to be evaluated, he is disqualified from the competition.

3.    A Time-Out may be called under paragraph 2 above in accordance with applicable division rules.

4.    Unconsciousness/Concussion. If qualified medical personnel determines that a competitor has sustained unconsciousness or a concussion, he/she must be precluded from competing until cleared to compete under paragraph 6 below.

5.    Medical Suspension. Any competitor who is determined ineligible to compete under any of the preceding paragraphs will be placed on the Federation Medical Suspension List that will be posted on the Federation’s website.

6.    Return to Competition. In the event that a competitor is determined ineligible to compete under one of the preceding paragraphs, the competitor shall submit to the Federation, a signed release, which includes criteria established by the Federation from time to time, competed by a licensed medical professional in order to be eligible to once again compete in Federation-Licensed or endorsed competitions.

7.    For all competitors evaluated pursuant to this rule, the Steward or Technical Delegate shall submit a properly competed Accident/Injury Form, and, if applicable, any corresponding signed release to the Federation Director of Competitions by 6:00 p.m. on the day following the last day of the competition.

8.    Refusal of Entry. Competitions shall refuse entries of any competitor who is on the Federation Medical Suspension List unless he submits to the Federation a properly signed release as described in paragraph 6 above. Any competitor on the Federation Medical Suspension List is responsible for not competing in any further Federation-licensed or endorsed competitions until they are removed from the medical suspension list.

9.    Substitution. Not withstanding any other provisions of the rules herein, if an entry is accepted prior to the time the competitor was added to the Federation Medical Suspension List, a substitute competitor may be named.

10.    Refund. Not withstanding any other provisions of the rules herein, for any competitor who appears on the Federation Medical Suspension List, a USEF Licensed or endorsed competition shall refund the entry fees and Jumper nominating fee, if applicable, less office fee.


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