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Thu, 2013-12-12 10:59

USEA Announces Educational Partnership with Virginia Tech, Michigan State, ISELP, and Capitol Productions TV

Authored By: USEA Press Release

Leesburg, VA – A unique new educational partnership will, for the first time, give the US Eventing community a direct connection to top national and international equine medical experts.

The United States Eventing Association (USEA), in conjunction with Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology, and Capitol Productions TV have announced the new partnership designed to benefit American eventing.

“Eventers are renowned for their dedication to the health and welfare of their equine partners,” said USEA chief executive officer Jo Whitehouse. “This new partnership will provide an innovative new delivery method of cutting-edge medical information to the world of eventing.”

Whitehouse noted that each entity in the new partnership brings to the table its own set of strong assets.

The USEA will feature articles and multimedia presentations by leading medical experts through its website, social media channels, and award-winning magazine, Eventing USA.

The Virginia Tech-affiliated Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (EMC) in Leesburg, Va., is a premier full-service equine hospital that offers advanced specialty care, 24-hour emergency treatment, and imaging and lameness service for all ages and breeds of horses. The Center’s team of equine specialists in internal and regenerative medicine, reproduction, and surgery provides exceptional treatment for patients, superior service to clients, and cutting-edge research to the equine industry. As a center of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, the EMC will orchestrate the delivery of medically relevant information from its specialists, partners, and referring veterinarians to the eventing community.

The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP) is a society made up of the top experts in the field of lameness in the equine athlete and will utilize the knowledge base of its members to contribute original content to the partnership. Dr. Kent Allen, vice president of ISELP and a leader in the fields of equine lameness and diagnostic imaging, has committed to provide regular video presentations of interest to the community.

Michigan State University (MSU) College of Veterinary Medicine with one of the top research, teaching, and equine medical centers in the country, brings to the table state-of-the-art equine sports and lameness research facilities, medical and research experts, and a catalog of world-renowned research to benefit the health, soundness, and performance of equine athletes. MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine will share the responsibility to provide the highest level of relevant information to the eventing community.

Capitol Productions TV (CPTV), created in 1989 at the Morven Park International Equestrian Institute in Leesburg, VA is one of the most diversified TV production companies in the Washington DC area.  CPTV’s production’s range from White House and US Senate coverage to providing education and development programming to Virginia Techs, Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center.  CPTV has also worked with both ABC and NBC Sports since the early 1990’s.   CPTV is now located at The Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center (VA Tech).   They are also the primary video production company to ISELP (International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology).  This skill in video production will be used to bridge the gap between horsewomen and horsemen in the sport of Eventing, two of the top equine medical centers, and a worldwide network of experts.

For more information on each of these partners, please visit their websites:
United States Eventing Association,
Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center,
Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine,
International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology,
Capitol Productions TV,


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