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Tue, 2012-05-08 13:29

Two Horses, Two Three-Days: Part 4

Authored By: Katie Wherley
Katie Wherley and Mr. Indiscretion at the 2011 Virginia CIC*. Brant Gamma Photo.

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update before packing up and leaving for Jersey Fresh tomorrow morning at 5 am (gotta love horse shows!). Mr. Indiscretion (aka "Trip") has been working great at home, and I'm looking forward to his CCI** debut this week. The dressage is still our weakest phase, but we've been working diligently with coach Beth Barritt. I'm confident that, brick by brick, Trip will one day be competitive in the first phase; it just might not be at Jersey. He can be a bit of a tricky horse, as he can quickly go from trying his heart out, to thinking that he's tried hard enough and would like to go back to the barn. It's times like these that it's helpful to look back at where he was in his training two years ago, then a year ago, and then 6 months ago, to realize just how far he's come! His jumping has remained awesome ... you couldn't ask for a better horse to head out on cross-country with. Running and jumping is what this horse loves to do. Now I just need to harness some of that enthusiasm for the dressage!

In the past weeks, we've been crossing our t's and dotting our i's. We had a final cross-country school with Stephen Bradley last week, followed by our final gallop on Sunday. Then we ran through the test yesterday. Besides catering to Trip's every need (if I could bubble wrap him, I would!), I've had a busy few weeks riding and teaching. Eventing is in full swing in Area II, and my students have been taking advantage of the many opportunities all around us.

As for Miss Texas: She hasn't been acting herself recently, and after much discussion with the vet, we've decided to start treating her for Lyme disease. We've pulled blood and are waiting for test results. Hopefully, we'll have some answers when I get back from Jersey.

OK, back to packing.  I'll be sure to update everyone after Jersey!



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