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Mon, 2016-04-18 14:50

Second USEA Town Hall Meeting to be Held at Holly Hill H.T. on Saturday April 23rd

Authored By: USEA
Photo via Holly Hill Farm's Website.

Benton, LA -  Area V will play host to the second in a series of at least 11 town hall meetings being hosted around the country in 2016.  The town hall will be held on Saturday April 23rd at 5 pm.  The town hall meetings are a continuation of the Eventing 2016-2026 Summit which was held at the 2015 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention.  Those in attendance will be invited to discuss the issues facing the sport and their recommendations on how the USEA can address them.  Members of the USEA Board of Governors, USEA staff and local leadership will be present to listen and take notes on the input provided. All town hall meetings will be free and open to all people with a stake in U.S. Eventing. 

Topics discussed during the town hall will most likely include:

  • Eventing Costs
  • Growing the Number of Eventers
  • 21st Century Sport/Business
  • Calendar of Events
  • Education
  • Organizing Events
  • Professionals
  • Amateurs
  • Other points that members feel need to be addressed

The town halls will be structured in such a way that all those present will be given the opportunity to speak in an open and respectful forum.  All input will be compiled by the USEA for future consideration and/or implementation.  

The remaining list of USEA town hall meetings includes:

Town Hall Date:  Saturday, April 23  Time:  5:00 pm                 Location On Site:  Pavilion                          


A report of all the information gathered throughout the year will be given at the 2016 USEA Annual Meeting at Convention in Hollywood, Florida on December 7-11.  The report will also include a status update on the proposals put forward during the Eventing Summit 2016-2026.

For more information, contact Rob Burk, USEA CEO.


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