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Tue, 2016-02-16 14:09

Save the Date! ICP, YEH and FEH Teaming Up for the Ultimate Educational Opportunity this Winter

USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.

Pre-registration is now closed, but on-site registration will be available at the Clubhouse at the Ocala Jockey Club on Monday morning beginning at 8:00 a.m.

The Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP) and the USEA’s Future Event Horse (FEH) and Young Event Horse (YEH) Programs are teaming up to bring USEA members the ultimate educational opportunity in Florida this winter. Historically these educational seminars are hosted separately, but they have joined forces to ease travel requirements for instructor and young horse enthusiasts. Join us in Ocala, Fla. February 20-22, 2017, for three days of learning from a variety of professionals.

The ICP Symposium will take place Monday and Tuesday (February 20 & 21) at Longwood Farm South. The lead instructor for the ICP Symposium at Longwood will be the world renowned Australian Olympian, Burghley CCI4* and Le Lion d’Angers winner, Chris Burton. On Monday, he will teach dressage training to riders on young event horses and to also to riders on more experienced event horses. On Tuesday, he will teach cross-country riding and training to the same range of horses as well. Burton will interact with the symposium audience and describe to them as well as the riders what he sees, would like to confirm or improve, and the movements/jumping choices he makes for doing so.

The Training and Education of the Young Eventing Horse Symposium will take place Monday (February 20th) and Wednesday (February 22nd). Both dates will host morning classroom sessions at the Clubhouse at the Ocala Jockey Club, with live horse sessions taking place both afternoons at Longwood Farm South. Monday, February 20th will primarily be focused on the Future Event Horse Program (yearlings to three-year-olds), featuring legendary Irish young horse producer and judge, Chris Ryan as the day’s panelist/clinician. Ryan will analyze bloodlines, type, and emphasize what the top horses look like in Eventing, teaching how we can breed and produce these types at home. Wednesday, February 22nd will be focused on the Young Event Horse Program (4- and 5-year olds under saddle), led by the ICP’s featured clinician, Chris Burton. The seminar will include discussion of young event horse training and education, with both Chris Burton and Olympian Leslie Law doing riding demonstrations that afternoon at Longwood Farm.

The fee for attending the ICP symposium February 20-21 will be $50 for a single day fee for the general public, or a $35 fee for ICP Certified Instructors, USEF Licensed Officials, or those who are attending any days of the FEH/YEH symposium. The 2-day fee at the ICP symposium will be $60 for ICP Certified Instructors or USEF Licensed Officials, or $90 for the General Public. Contact Nancy Knight for more information: [email protected] or 703-669-9997. To register for the ICP Symposium, click here. Demo riders will also be needed for this symposium. If you would like to sign up to be a demo rider click here and email your form to Sue Hershey at [email protected]

The fee for attending the Training and Education of the Young Eventing Horse Symposium with the FEH and YEH Programs will be a one-time fee of $50, whether you choose to attend one or both days (Monday, February 20th and Wednesday February 22nd). Please keep in mind that attendees may audit both Monday and Wednesday for $50 total, and then receive a discount to audit the ICP Symposium on Tuesday for only $35. A hotel room block has been set up for FEH/YEH Symposium attendees in Ocala, Florida. Contact Kate Lokey for more information about the FEH and YEH symposiun: [email protected] or 703-779-9897. To register for the FEH/YEH Symposium, click here.


The Ocala Jockey Club and Retired Racehorse Project have teamed up to host a relaxed social dinner on Tuesday night (2/21) for all USEA symposium attendees and friends! Your $30 ticket includes supper and beer/wine. Please purchase your tickets in advance for the BBQ Party, here.

ICP Symposium Registration | Young Eventing Horse Symposium Registration


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