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Mon, 2014-03-03 11:46

Rule Change: Medical Bracelets Acceptable in Jumping Phases In Lieu of Medical Armbands

Authored By: USEA Press Release

An extraordinary rule change approved in January by the USEF allows competitors the option to wear either an approved and completed medical card or a medical bracelet while jumping.

Please read the complete rule below, which becomes effective 4/1/2014. Until the effective date, medical cards are required at all times when jumping.

“EV113.3 MEDICAL CARDS/MEDICAL BRACELETS. An approved and completed medical card or medical bracelet is required any time while jumping. Medical cards must be enclosed in a transparent, waterproof carrier. Medical cards must be securely attached to the competitor’s upper arm on the outside of the competitor’s clothing. Medical bracelets must be visible on the competitor’s wrist. Medical cards must include any relevant medical history, injury (particularly to the head), drug allergies and current medication. If wearing a medical bracelet, any relevant medical history injury (particularly to the head), drug allergies and current medication must be included in the online medical form of the bracelet’s vendor website. Athletes are responsible to record all injuries on the card or in the case of a medical bracelet, update their medical information online. Failure to wear one’s own medical card or bracelet shall be penalized by a fine of $100 (payable to the Organizing Committee).”

Ride Safe ID bracelets may be worn instead of the traditional medical armband. They are an easy, comfortable way to wear your medical information on your wrist, and are designed to be worn all day, every day.

With the bracelet, your medical information will be on your person at all times and for every ride. In case of an accident where your emergency information is required, a “first responder” (can be anyone from a friend, family member, or trained medical staff) can gain immediate access to your medical information by entering the information on your medical bracelet into the website ( via phone or computer. This facilitates rapid medical response in an emergency, when expedience is critical.

Learn more about Ride Safe ID bracelets at


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