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Wed, 2017-07-12 13:13

The Road to NAJYRC: Area VI Young Rider Camp

Authored By: Mallory Hogan
The Area VI Young Riders enjoying a get together at camp. Photo courtesy of Mallory Hogan.

Area VI Young Rider camp was generously hosted by the Baxters at Twin Rivers Ranch and it was a great time! I love these camps because they provide the perfect opportunity to get all the young riders together for a weekend. The meals and activities we get to share with each other really kindle team spirit. Since most of us are spread out along the West Coast, times when we are all in the same place and can spend a lot of time together are rare opportunities! The dinners at the end of the day were the best. After a long day it was nice to have the time to chill out and connect with the team and other young riders from all over Area VI. I've grown up riding with a lot of these girls, and I always love having the chance to spend more time with them. 

Shopping for jog outfits for NAJYRC with the Area VI Young Rider team. Photo courtesy of Mallory Hogan.

The purpose of the camp for the Area VI Young Rider team traveling to the FEI North American Junior/Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) this year is for all of us to get together with our fellow riders, coaches, and the grooms to build team morale and start making a general plan to ensure that things run smoothly at NAJYRC. Over the course of the weekend, all of the team members took lessons with the Area VI Young Rider coach Bec Braitling, which included some creative jumping exercises and putting the finishing touches on our dressage tests. 

The Young Rider parents and families have been so generous with their time and efforts regarding the meals, activities, and the huge amount of planning and organization that is needed to get us all to NAJYRC. We all really appreciate the time and effort everyone has volunteered for the Area VI Young Riders!

A huge thank you to all the Area VI Young Rider supporters! Photo courtesy of Mallory Hogan.

After going to camp, I think all of us are so excited to get packed and head out to Montana. Spending time with all the people involved who are going to championships makes the whole situation feel a lot more real. Rebecca Farm is one of my favorites venues so I'm very excited that NAJYRC is being hosted there this year. I know all of us girls are ready to go show some Area VI pride in Kalispell, Montana! 

Go Area VI! 


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