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Thu, 2017-01-19 11:20

Review of the USEF Eventing 25 Training Sessions with Leslie Law, Zach Brandt and Lizzie Snow

Authored By: USEA
Leslie Law working with emerging athlete Morgan McCue at the training session. Photo via US Eventing Team's Instagram.

On this podcast, we speak with Leslie Law, Zach Brandt and Lizzie Snow about last week’s USEF Emerging Athletes Eventing 25 Training Sessions. Two of the 2017 emerging athletes Zach and Lizzie share their experiences and highlights throughout the session, and Emerging Athletes Coach Leslie Law outlines his strategy for this group of talented young riders.

“This a pipeline to hopefully the senior team, the goal of the day is to identify people in the program who are going to be athletes on those senior teams.” - Leslie Law 


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