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Sat, 2012-01-14 00:00

Repeal of the One Fall Rule Unsuccessful

Authored By: USEA

Efforts to repeal  the one fall rule were unsuccessful when the USEF Board of Directors voted not to approve the proposed rule change at today's Board Meeting at the USEF Annual Meeting in Cincinnati. The rule will remain the same as it was written in 2008. 

From the USEF Rules For Eventing:

EV141 Cross-Country Scoring.
b. Falls -
(1) First fall of competitor Elimination
(2) First fall of horse Mandatory retirement

EV142 Cross-Country—Definitions of Faults
a. A competitor is considered to have fallen when he is separated from his horse in
such a way as to necessitate remounting or vaulting into the saddle.
b. A horse is considered to have fallen when at the same time both its shoulder and
quarters have touched either the ground or the obstacle and the ground.
c. A fall will always be penalized when it occurs between the elements of an obstacle
composed of several elements (A B C).


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