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Mon, 2017-06-26 14:11

New Volunteer Training Resources Now Available

Each and every event depends on the contribution of dedicated volunteers to be successful, and we are pleased to announce that the USEA’s Volunteer Committee has released a collection of free educational content, including job checklists and training videos, specifically for these important eventing supporters.

The job checklists include comprehensive information about each volunteer position, including scribe, warm-up steward, bit checker, jump crew, and many more. These checklists include details about what to bring on the day, how to check-in upon arrival, tasks that will be performed on the job, and checking out at the end of the day.

The checklists are downloadable and printable PDFs available for free on and will also be available coming soon on the USEA Volunteer Incentive Program’s website,

Here’s an example of a job checklist:

Also available are volunteer training videos produced by Pine Hill Horse Trials volunteer coordinator, Irene Doo, to educate her volunteers on the different tasks and responsibilities of each job.


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