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Sun, 2017-07-16 09:49

Jennie Brannigan to Offer Connecting Coasts Award for Top Placing 2* West Coast Young Rider at NAJYRC

Jennie Brannigan represented Area VI at NAJYRC in 2008. Photo.

The FEI North American Junior/Young Rider Championship (NAJYRC) is a one-of-a-kind championship that will coincide with The Event at Rebecca Farm on July 19-23, 2017. This competition brings together the best young riders of the United States, where they can establish themselves as young professionals and can prove that they can make it on future United States eventing teams.

This year’s NAJYRC has plenty of prizes in store for the winning riders and teams, but now there is an extra incentive to perform well for the west coast CICOY2* Nations Cup riders. Jennie Brannigan just announced that she will be offering the Connecting Coasts Prize for the top placing two-star Nations Cup young rider who is from west of the Mississippi River. The Connecting Coasts Prize will allow the rider to stay with and train with Brannigan in Pennsylvania for up to two weeks to prepare for an event of their choosing on the East Coast. This award includes room and board for the rider, a stall for one horse, and training with Brannigan.

Jennie Brannigan received the Rebecca Broussard International Rider Grant in 2016. USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.

“It was such an honor to receive the Rebecca Broussard International Rider Grant and I was trying to think of the best way possible to honor it and Becky's vision,” said Brannigan. “I truly believe in our young riders who are not living on the East Coast and want to find a way to help bridge the gap and make coming east just a little bit easier! I will be welcoming this year's top placing young rider from west of the Mississippi who competed in the Young Rider Two-Star at Rebecca Farm to come spend up to two weeks training with me before an East Coast competition of their liking! I feel quite lucky to live in one of the best places for eventing in America and would like the opportunity to give back and make the next generation feel a little more comfortable when they come to compete!”

The Connecting Coasts Prize was an idea brought up by Brannigan during her interview for the Rebecca Broussard Grant last year and she is now putting her words into action. This is a great opportunity for the young riders in the West to have better access to competing in the East, without spending a fortune to do so. 


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