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Mon, 2018-02-19 08:31

Expose Your Future Event Horse at a FEH Event This Year

Wise Master Rubelk (Shamelk x Master Ruby), 2017 Future Event Horse Grand Champion. USEA/Jessica Duffy Photo.

The USEA introduced the Future Event Horse (FEH) program in 2007 as a pilot program in response to the popularity of the already established USEA Young Event Horse (YEH) program. Where the YEH program assesses 4- and 5-year-old prospective event horses based on their performance, the FEH program evaluates yearlings, 2-year-olds, and 3-year-olds for their potential for the sport based on conformation and type. Horses are presented in hand and divisions are separated by year and gender. At the Championships, 3-year-olds are also required to demonstrate their potential over fences in an additional free-jump division.

New in 2017 was the FEH 4-year-old division, designed for youngsters not quite ready for the rigors of the Young Event Horse program. These horses are presented under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter before being stripped of their tack and evaluated for their conformation. Additionally, 4-year-olds also participate in the free-jump divisions to show their potential over fences. Learn more about the 4-year-old FEH division by clicking here.

This year, the Future Event Horse Committee added a third Central Championships to accompany the East and West Coast Championships that will take place in September. The 2018 Central Championships will take place at the Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas. Jayne Lloyd will serve as the organizer of the Championships and the Horse Park is installing a new jump chute that will be up to the same standards as those already in place for the East and West Coast Championships. Additionally, a professional handling team will work in the jump chute for the 3- and 4-year-old free jump divisions at all three Championships in 2018. 

In order to qualify to compete at the 2018 Future Event Horse Championships, horses must earn a minimum of one score of 72% or above at any qualifying event during the year. Check out the calendar of events offering Future Event Horse classes in 2018!

2018 Future Event Horse Series Calendar of Events

MeadowCreek Park - The Spring Social Event (Area V) | March 17-18, 2018

*Texas Rose Horse Park H.T. (Area V) | March 29-31, 2018

*The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm (Area II)| April 14, 2018

*Ocala International 3-Day Festival of Eventing (Area III) | April 11-15, 2018

Twin Rivers CCI, CIC & H.T. (Area VI) | April 12-15, 2018

Fresno County Horse Park H.T. (Area VI) | April 27-29, 2018

*Spokane Sport Horse Farm H.T. (Area VII) | May 10-13, 2018

*Galway Downs Spring H.T. (Area VI) | May 11-13, 2018

*Winona H.T. (Area VIII) | May 11-13, 2018

*Snowdonia Farms Derby Day I (Area V) | May 20, 2018

*The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm (Area II) | May 26, 2018

*Paradise Farm H.T. (Area III) | May 26-27, 2018

*Waredaca H.T. (Area II) | June 2-3, 2018

*Camelot Equestrian Horse Park H.T. (Area VI) | June 8-10, 2018

*Feather Creek H.T. (Area V) | June 9-10, 2018

*Snowdonia Farms Derby Day II (Area V) | June 24, 2018

*Arrowhead H.T. (Area VII) | June 22-24, 2018

*The Horse Park of New Jersey H.T. I (Area II) | June 29-July 1, 2018

*The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm I (Area II) | July 4-8, 2018

Western Underground Coconino Summer H.T. (Area X) | July 11-15, 2018

*Valinor Farm FEH/YEH/NEH | July 15, 2018

*The Event at Rebecca Farm (Area VII) | July 18-22, 2018

The Summer Event at Woodside (Area VI) | August 10-12, 2018

Area VII Young Rider Benefit H.T. (Area VII) | August 10-12, 2018

*Applewood Farm FEH & YEH (Area II) | August 16, 2018

*Waredaca H.T. (Area II) | August 18-19, 2018

*Stone Gate Farm H.T. (Area VIII) | August 24-26, 2018

Town Hill Farm H.T. (Area I) | August 24-26, 2018

*The Maryland H.T. at Loch Moy Farm (Area II) | September 1, 2018

Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. (Area II) | September 8-9, 2018

Five Points H.T. (Area II) | September 8, 2018

*FEH Qualifier at Loch Moy Farm (Area II) | September 21, 2018

*Spokane Sport Horse Farm H.T. (Area VII) | October 4-7, 2018

*Windemere Run H.T. (Area IV) | October 26-28, 2018

West Coast Championships at Twin Rivers Ranch (Area VI) | September 20, 2018

East Coast Championships at Loch Moy Farm (Area II) | September 22-23, 2018

Central Championships at Texas Rose Horse Park (Area V) | September 29, 2018

A "*" denotes events offering the 4-year-old FEH class.

Organizers are consistently adding to this calendar, please click here for the most up to date calendar information.

The USEA would like to thank SmartPak, Standlee Hay Company, Professional’s Choice, and Merck Animal Health for sponsoring the Future Event Horse program.

For more information on the Future Event Horse program, please contact Kate Lokey, (703) 779-9897, or visit the Future Event Horse page.

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s USEA Annual Meeting and Convention and are curious about changes to the FEH program for 2018, check out the Future Event Horse program session led by Robin Walker!


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