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Fri, 2016-08-12 08:35

Daniel Stewart's Tip of the Month: Your Daily Shot of C!

Authored By: Coach Daniel Stewart

When your train of thought derails and you just can't seem to think of anything good to say about yourself, take a quick shot of C - not vitamin C - just C!

The letter C can help you find the silver lining in most any situation because research has identified it as the most positive letter in our alphabet (because it starts the greatest number of positive emotions). For example, the next time you hear yourself saying something like, "I'm so nervous, I wish I wasn't such a freak!", give yourself of a quick boost of confidence by repeating of a few C emotions like, "I'm calm, cool, collected, confident, competent, centered, consistent, capable, considerate, competitive, centered, caring, controlled, courageous, careful, coordinated, creative, conscientious, concentrated, committed, and cheerful." 

Repeating C emotions, however, is only half of the solution. The second step is just as important. Once you've found a few C emotions that describe you when you're at you best (limit it to one or two to begin with) simply start acting that way. For example, imagine what you look like when you're confident and cheerful and then start acting that way. This is a unique form of fake it till you make it called the ABC's of confidence - Always Be your C's 

C-ing is believing

Did you know that the letters I and D are considered the least positive of all letters because "in" and "dis" prefixes have a nasty habit of turning good things bad. For example consistent, ability, and competent become inconsistent, inability, and incompetent. Satisfy, courage, and qualify become dissatisfy, discourage, and disqualify.  How's that for an English lesson!

In the end, always remember that Cing is believing so come up with a few C emotions and start acting that way.  In other words... fake it until you make it!

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