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Thu, 2010-07-15 00:00

Copper Meadows Eventing Offers up Green at the Area VI Championships

Authored By: Copper Meadows

For the first time in Area VI, Beginner Novice through Intermediate Championships will be held at one venue. This September 10-12, Copper Meadows Eventing in Ramona, Ca will be host to riders competing for the title of Area VI

Show organizers and owners of Copper Meadows, James Atkinson and Taren Hoffos, have a lot to be excited about with their upcoming Event: this is their first year running the Horse Trials since taking over operations from Carolyn Hoffos, who has run Events for 10 years. “It is very exciting to be inheriting this Event, with its great track record. Carolyn and Robin have put so much work into this facility and we hope to carry on the tradition of offering excellent Events to competitors,” says Taren. Another reason to be excited about the September Event - prize money. “For the first time in this Eventʼs history we are able to offer prize money to our riders, which is something we have been wanting to do since the Event first opened. With the help of our sponsor, that dream has been realized,” Taren adds.

California Sheet Metal has signed on to sponsor the Area VI Championships with a prize money sum of $10,000, which will break down into $1,100 per Championship division. Prize money will be awarded at every level, another goal for James and Taren. “Lower level Eventing has the biggest population of riders, so why shouldnʼt they get the perks that upper level Eventers get?” points out James. “Beginner Novice riders are just as important to our sport.” Along with prize money, the Event will be awarding riders with prizes from Fleeceworks, Inc., Professionals Choice, bridles from Stubben Saddlery, and other prizes from local tack stores.

In the works for the Event are all new cross-country courses, for both the Championship divisions and the Horse Trials divisions; course designer Tremaine Cooper will draft the Intermediate course, and James Atkinson will be designing the Preliminary through Beginner Novice courses. Another feature that Atkinson and Hoffos are pleased to use for the show is their bi-level stadium arena. “It was so fun to use this arena for the June Horse Trials. The courses were designed by Jose Nava, and were long and derby like. It is a feature that not many other Events have, and we are proud of it,” says Taren of the new multi level arena. It is also a great place to watch the action of show jumping, she says, as spectators can stand on the upper level and see the entire course. Jose Nava will be back for the September show to design the challenging courses.

For more information regarding qualifications, or with any questions, please email Taren at [email protected], or call 858-610-1693. Visit the website, to see the facility.


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