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Mon, 2013-03-04 10:34

Chris Stafford Radio Podcasts

Authored By: Chris Stafford Radio


Ireland's Sam Watson reflects on his father John's influence and his own study of the sport. The soon-to-be father also reviews the season ahead and shares his enthusiasm for writing. Sam is the Eventing magazine's diarist for 2013.  You can comment on this episode at

Flying Changes by Caroline Akrill: Chapter 6

Talent, looks and opportunities take Oliver Jasny from the threadbare gymkhanas of his youth to the rarefied heights of international dressage where he becomes a celebrity, the darling of the dressage set and lands the biggest sponsorship in the history of equestrianism. But when his sister Kathryn goes to his sumptuous training establishment she does not like what she finds one little bit...  Caroline Akrill writes with a real knowledge of the equine world. She vividly recreates the tense moments of open competition, the atmosphere of the showgrounds, riding schools and training establishments. Her prose sparkles with humor, has some real heart-stopping moments and a truly dramatic finale.  Flying Changes was first published by Arlington Books, London in 1985. Read by Chris Stafford. Flying Changes is available on Amazon. Music is courtesy of Marie-Lynn Hammond; @chevalgal and

Davina Whiteman joins Dr. Inga Wolframm and me to address the importance of appropriate, timely and constructive performance evaluation.  We find out why being judged is so often hard for us to accept even though we compete to be judged.  And we also hear the reality of horse and rider limitations and why it's important to accept them.  You can comment on this episode at and on the Facebook Page of Chris Stafford Radio. Follow us on Twitter @ingawolframm and @chrisestafford.   

Nashville Singer-Songwriter husband and wife team of Templeton Thompson andSam Gay have just released their music video of 'When I Get That Pony Rode', which has soared up the Country Music Charts on They join me to share the story of how this production came about with Director Cindy Meehl and why it means so much to them to have the support of the horse community. You can watch the video by going to the website at or on Join us on Facebook at Templeton Thompson and Chris Stafford Radio and follow us on Twitter @lifeonplanetcgl and @chrisestafford.

Dr. Milt Toby continues the series on Equine Law by addressing the subject of defamation on the Internet.  He explains what should be understood as the difference between opinion and fact and how by saying, 'in my opinion' does not emphatically protect the comment from defamation. We discuss some examples with regards to horse, rider and trainer. You can comment on this episode at htp:// and on the Chris Stafford Radio Facebook Page. Visit Milt online at

Equestrian Social Media Awards Creator, Liam Killen, returns to the show to announce his latest venture; the Equestrian Creative Network.  As the ESMA winners are announced all this week, Liam has also found time to launch his new network for creative equestrian professionals at Find out how you can join this burgeoning global clan and promote yourself with an online portfolio. You can comment on this episode at and on the Facebook Page at Chris Stafford Radio. Follow us on Twitter @ESMAwards and @chrisestafford.


Milt Toby continues the series on Equine Law by discussing Sales Warranties for horses sold online; the 

Chris & Inga Show discusses more useful advice for riders, and I'll be readingChapter 7 of Flying Changes by Caroline Akrill.

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