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Fri, 2012-05-25 14:19

Attention Organizers: Show Jumping Cup Sizes

Authored By: USEA

Event organizers are reminded of the following rule regarding the size of cups to be used on show jumping courses:

EV 149.4. Poles and other parts of the obstacles are held up by supports (cups). The pole must be able to

roll on its support; in this case the support for the top poles should have an ideal depth of 25 mm

(1”), in any case the minimum depth is to be 20 mm (¾”) or a maximum depth of 30mm (1 ¼”).

For planks, balustrades, barriers, gates, etc. the supports must be more open or even flat, with a

maximum depth of 13 mm (½“).

The F.E.I recommends that 25mm (1”) cups be used for their events.

A list of suppliers of these cups can be found by scrolling through the Show Jump Resources Document (PDF).

Potters Steel Services of Massachusetts, who are listed on that page, are now manufacturing metric plastic cups as well as metal ones.

If organizers have any questions they can contact Richard Jeffery, the USEF’s Eventing Show Jumping Course Advisor, at:  [email protected]


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