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Sun, 2015-09-27 13:24

AEC Family Affair: Former CCI** Horse Now Teaches Mom the Ropes

Sarah Wildasin and Totally Awesome Bosco have a double clear cross-country ride. USEA/Leslie Mintz Photo.

Sarah Wildasin competed this weekend in the Novice Amateur division with her seasoned partner Totally Awesome Bosco. Bosco, as he’s lovingly referred, is a fifteen year-old Irish Sport Horse who is experiencing his second ascend through the lower levels of Eventing. Wildasin’s daughter, Arden Wildasin, originally competed Bosco from Beginner Novice through the Advanced/CCI** levels. Bosco’s bragging rights include an individual silver medal in the 2011 North American Junior Young Rider CCI* competition.

Wildasin, although not unfamiliar with the sport, competed for the first time in 2014. Encouraged by her trainer, Colby Bauersfeld, Wildasin has enjoyed seeing Eventing from this new perspective. She gives all her credits to Bosco for being a wonderful teacher, and he also seems to enjoy his return to the show ring.  “He takes care of me,” she says. They currently plan to continue competing at Novice Level and improve their dressage scores until they return to next year’s American Eventing Championships


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