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Fri, 2017-02-03 15:15

"50 Penalty Rule" Not to be Enforced at National Competitions in 2017

Authored By: USEA
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Competitors please be aware that the “50 Penalty Rule” will not be enforced at National Eventing Competitions in 2017.

As the FEI is testing the “50 Penalty Rule,” The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) announced to Organizers that they will not be enforcing this rule, which appears in the rulebook under EV141.1 a. 6 and EV142.2 b, by way of a Presidential Modification.

In the case that a horse attempted to jump an obstacle and may have missed the flag, the “50 Penalty Rule” gave competitors the option of representing and automatically accepting 20 penalties, or continuing on course without elimination, but receiving 50 penalties in the case that the obstacle was not correctly cleared.


Please note changes effective January 1, 2017 in red. 

EV141 Cross-Country Scoring


        a. Disobediences - First refusal, run-out or circle 20 penalties

            1. Second refusal, run-out or circle at the same obstacle 40 penalties

            2. Third refusal, run-out or circle at the same obstacle Elimination

            3. Third penalized disobedience on the entire course at Preliminary, Intermediate or Advanced Elimination

    4. Fourth penalized disobedience on the entire course at Beginner Novice, Novice, Training or Modified

    5. Elimination.

          6. Jumping outside the flag 50 penalties.  – Presidential Modification – 01/06/2017

b. Falls

1. - First fall of competitor in which the competitor lands on his/her feet and remains standing (Beginner Novice and Novice) 65 Penalties

2. Second fall of competitor (Beginner Novice and Novice) Elimination (RF)

3. First fall of competitor (Training, Modified, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced) Elimination (RF)

4. First fall of horse Mandatory Retirement

5. *to facilitate accurate administration of EV105.3 (Loss of Establishment) Competitor Falls will be denoted as “RF” on official score sheets and results.

6. Activating a frangible device No Penalties. BOD 12/12/16 Effective 1/1/17                  

c. Willful Delay - (Beginner Novice, Novice,Training and Modified Levels)

1. Between the last fence and the finish line 20 penalties BOD 1/16/16 Effective 12/1/16

EV142 Cross-Country—Definitions of Faults (Drawings, Appendix 7)

        b. Runouts. A horse is considered to be disobedient if it runs-out, avoids the obstacle or element to be jumped in such a way that it has to be represented. A rider is permitted to change his mind as to where he jumps an obsta­cle or element at any time without penalty for a run-out, including as a result of a mistake at a previous obstacle or element. In the case the Horse has clearly attempted to jump the obstacle or element and may have missed a flag the competitor can choose whether to represent (accepting automatically 20 penalties) or to continue on course incurring 50 penalties (no elimination) in case the obstacle or element was not correctly cleared. BOD 12/12/16 Effective 1/1/17


        Presidential Modification – 01/06/2017



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