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Thu, 2011-08-18 00:00

$250,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grant Updates

Authored By: USEA Endowment

After the exciting announcement about the $250,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grant was made at this spring’s Rolex Kentucky CCI4*, many riders have taken advantage of this amazing opportunity. As part of the Grant program, riders across the nation were also given the opportunity to apply for funding to assist in travel to this year’s prestigious 10th annual Event at Rebecca Farm in July. The following riders received travel checks to help offset their expenses: Martha McDowell, John Michael Durr, Brittany Lunney, Alexa Perkiel, Anna Collier, Alexandra Slusher, Debbie Rosen, Jolie Wentworth, Tamra Smith, and Katie Ruppel.

While at the Event at Rebecca Farm, Travel Grant recipients and other capable riders, who were applying for the Developing International Rider grant were interviewed by the some of the Endowment Trust’s grant committee members(Sarah Broussard Kelly, Kevin Baumgardner, Loris Henry, Beth Lendrum, Louise Leslie, Karen O’Connor, Howard Simpson, Kyra Stuart, Richard Thompson, and Jo Whitehouse).   The following riders were interviewed for the $250,000 Rebecca Broussard Developing International Rider Grant; the winner will be announced this December at the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention: Alexandra Slusher, Jolie Wentworth, John Michael Durr, Katie Ruppel, Jordan Linstedt, Sara Kozumplik, Sharon White, Allison Springer, Kelly Prather, Barb Crabo, Tamra Smith, Martha McDowell, Heather Gillette, Anna Collier, Brittany Lunney, Kristen Schmolze, and Debbie Rosen. 

The grant is bestowed by Broussard Family Charitable Foundation through the USEA Endowment Trust, in honor of the memory of Rebecca Broussard, whom supported numerous international riders through both her generous contributions and horse ownership.


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