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Thu, 2013-11-07 09:44

2013 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention: Speaker Spotlight

Authored By: USEA

2014 Dressage Test Preview
Speaker: Brian Sabo

Get your tracing finger ready, the new dressage tests have been written! Track right or left? It is time to resurrect your good study habits! Rising trot or sitting? Outgoing USEA President and Founder of Eventing Training Online is going to preview the new dressage tests using targeted video footage. Test A or B? View footage of a rider performing each test, receiving professional feedback, and riding the test again. Halt at X or G? With this kind of educational preview, you’re sure to score a personal best with these new tests! And don’t forget… All King Edward’s Horses Can Manage Big Fences (AKEHCMBF).

Born into a West Hills Hunt family, Brian Sabo was quickly immersed into the USPC system at Woodland Hills Pony Club with Hilda Gurney. In 1974, Sabo passed his “A” rating and then served as D.C. of this club twice from 1975-1977 and 1980-1983. Brian’s competitive career began in 1963 and he won his first Preliminary Three-Day Event in 1968. He followed this up by winning the National Intermediate Championships in 1969, earning him the leading rider award in Area VI in 1969, a feat he repeated in 1981. Brian has traveled across the U.S. competing at most of the great American three-day events including Ledyard, Chesterland, and Kentucky.

Brian’s competitive career at the Advanced level on both coasts continued until 1984 when training and coaching began to take precedence. He served as USEA Area VI chairperson from 1985-1987, was a founding vice president of CTETA (Woodside Horsepark) from 1976-1989, as well as volunteer service with the California Dressage Society and American Vaulting Association. In 1983, Brian was appointed Chief Liaison Officer for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and, supported by his good friend, Neil Ayer, was awarded the contract to design and build the three-day eventing show jumping course at Santa Anita.

A USEA Level IV certified instructor, Brian serves as an ICP faculty member and focuses on helping others become the best instructors, trainers, and mentors possible. Brian has been married for 30 years to Lisa Sabo who is a graduate “A” Pony Clubber and a USPC Center owner. Lisa is also a USEA ICP Level III Instructor, Advanced level competitor, and Gurney protégé. Together, Brian and Lisa founded Eventing Training Online with the goal of capturing on video the techniques of top trainers worldwide and then making this knowledge available to equestrians anywhere at any time. Brian and Lisa live on Lido Isle in Newport Beach, California.

Professional Horseman’s Council
Speaker: Jonathan Elliott

The Professional Horseman's Council is composed of active members of the United States Eventing Association who are professionals in all aspects of the sport of eventing. The purpose of the Council is to facilitate communications between the professionals and the eventing community, including the governing body, officials, organizers, and competitors and to assist in the further development, growth, and safety of our sport. PHC seminars in the past have discussed footing improvements, competition ratings, rider representative business, and more. Find out what is on the docket this year with PHC Chair Jonathan Elliott.

Elliott began riding at an early age on an Arabian named Saber, proving to his parents he was dedicated enough to deserve a more talented horse. Elliott has since developed numerous horses to the upper levels. He enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Aspen, who he finished fourth on at Rolex Kentucky CCI3* in 1998. On Kilcoltrim he completed Burghley CCI4* in England as well as Rolex Kentucky CCI4*.

Since moving to Washington in 2004, Elliott’s focus has been more towards developing his own horse trials at Aspen Farms Horse Trials in Yelm, Washington, and teaching. His teaching skills are evident by the long list of students he helps at shows and the positive feedback from clinics and students. Elliott has dedicated himself to developing a top quality horse trials for competitors in the area. The first horse trials held in 2007 was a huge success, and an Intermediate course was added in 2008. As of 2010 Jonathan added a CIC1* and CIC2* to the fall horse trials. This year, Aspen Farms served as a qualifier for the Adequan USEA Gold Cup Series at the Advanced level.

Eventing Calendar Planning for 2015 & Beyond
Speaker: Lou Leslie

Calendar planning is a very important aspect of the Convention, and it is not just for organizers! Competitors, owners, parents, anyone is welcome to attend this meeting, learn how the competition calendar is decided, and share thoughts and input. Calendar planning can be a complicated process, and it takes a lot of teamwork and coordination to make it happen.

Lou Leslie lives in Redmond, Washington of USEA Area VII. She is a former Adult Rider Coordinator who transitioned to Area Chair and later onto the USEA Board in 2010. She serves as a trustee on the USEA Endowment Trust and also serves on the Area Affairs committee. As VP of Area Affairs, Leslie is charged with ensuring each Area Chair has the resources and support they need in conducting the business of their respective Areas. As a member of USEA ICP Committee and Adult Riders group, she focuses on the evolution of eventing education at the highest level for the USEA membership.  Leslie is an active amateur rider competing at the Intermediate level, and in her spare time she drives the “Mom Taxi” for her family.

Membership Committee and Affiliate Meeting Open Forum
Speakers: Mark Hart and Janet Gunn

Have questions about your USEA Membership? Don’t know what an affiliate is? Now is your chance to find out and be heard! This will be a jam-packed session where you will hear membership news and affiliate information.

Dr. Mark Hart is a member of the USEA Veterinary Cardiovascular Task Force, chair of the USEF Eventing Owners Task Force, and previously served on the USEA Area VII Council. Dr. Hart now serves on the USEA Executive Committee as Vice President of Membership Development. He is a human cardiologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Hart got involved in the sport of eventing years ago through his daughter. His first role was as an “eventing dad.” Dr. Hart also had the incredible experience of co-owning Poggio II with Amy and Greg Tryon.

Hart’s main objective is supporting the USEA so it can continue to serve the diverse needs of its many different members as the sport of eventing evolves and continue to foster the inclusive atmosphere that has been emphasized over the past several years.

Janet Gunn is a founding member (1987) of Commonwealth Dressage and Combined Training Association (Northern Virginia), serving on the Board of Directors as Treasurer,  Budget Chair, and Secretary. She was organizer of the original CDCTA Spring Horse Trials at Commonwealth Park, and has been involved (as rider, volunteer, coordinator, or official) in almost every CDCTA Horse Trials.  Gunn has been CDCTA’s Affiliate Representative to USEA since 2004, and is also the Affiliate Coordinator for both Area II and USEA, where she is also on  the Membership Committee.  A licensed “r” Eventing Technical Delegate, Gunn keeps her horses (four at the moment, aged two to 31) at home while working full time in IT/Telephony.



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