Jenny Camp

"Undoubtedly, the most famous of the Army-bred horses was Jenny Camp, a bay mare foaled in 1926 at the Front Royal, Virginia, Remount Depot, by the famous Thoroughbred sire of jumpers, Gordon Russell, out of a mare thought to have been part Thoroughbred, part Standardbred. First tried as a polo pony, because of her small size (under 15.3 hands) and short gaits, she was shifted to the three-day squad when found to be a remarkable jumper. Ridden by Captain Earl F. Thomson in the Olympic Three-Day Events of the 1932 Los Angeles and 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, Jenny Camp won both the individual silver medals." Reprinted from the "Part Thoroughbred Stud Book" Newsletter, 1979.

Jenny Camp is one of only three horses who have won individual medals at consecutive Olympic Games. It was to be another 48 years before another "little" horse, also a remarkable jumper, won back-to-back Olympic medals. Mark Todd's Charisma won the individual Olympic gold in 1984 (Los Angeles) and 1988 (Seoul) repeating the achievements of Marcroix who, ridden by Lt. Charles F. Pahud de Mortanges for Holland, won the individual Olympic gold medals in 1928 and 1932.

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