How do we do justice to one of the greatest event horses of all time? Need a definition of “team player”? Just point to Giltedge. Need a definition for “heart”? Just point to Giltedge. Throughout his eight years competing for the USA (1995-2002) Giltedge notched up five international team appearances and five medals! He had wins at both four-star and three-star competitions for a total of 21 first place finishes, 28 top three finishes and rarely finished out of the top five. To this day, ten years after his retirement, he still retains his fourth place position on the USEA All-time High Score Horse leaderboard with 1,114 lifetime points. And of particular note – all of Giltedge’s major achievements were in the classic format, a testament to his endurance, his stamina, his brilliance, and most of all his immense strength of heart. Owned by Mrs. Jacqueline Mars, Giltedge was sired by Glenbar (ISH) out of Kitty by Awkward Brief (XX)

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