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In March of 1973, the USCTA (now USEA) announced that a new award, the Frolicsome Trophy, would be given annually to the mare accumulating the largest number of points. Donated by Dr. Mary Alice Brown, the award was named in honor of her mare, Frolicsome, who was competed by J. Michael Plumb in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
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The second annual Intercollegiate Eventing Championships kick off today at the Virginia Horse Trials in Lexington, Va. Last year, the University of Georgia Red Team was crowned the Intercollegiate Champions – will they hold onto their title or will they have to pass the crown?
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The United States Eventing Asociation (USEA) is pleased to announce the dates and locations for the 2017 Future Event Horse (FEH) Championships on both the east and west coast.
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While much of the country’s attention was focused on the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day, the same weekend a just as exciting event was being held on the others side of the country. For the first time ever the Fresno County Horse Trials hosted a Novice Three-Day – part of the USEA Classic Series. The 11 horses and riders got to experience the thrill of endurance day while taking part in a series of educational activities to grow their knowledge of the long format.
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The United States Eventing Association (USEA) American Eventing Championships (AEC),
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The United States Eventing Association’s (USEA) Intercollegiate Eventing Team Championships are one week away, taking place at the Virginia Horse Center May 25-28, 2017.
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In September of 2016 I made a trek across the country from North Carolina to California so that my husband and I could finally live together after almost a year apart. I was beyond excited, nervous and a little bit scared. I had opted to leave my wonderful horse at home on the East Coast for a few months while I settled in. 
Original Post Date: 05/19/2017 - 09:12   |   Last Updated: 2017:05:19 09:53:28, the United States Eventing Association (USEA)’s sister site has recently gotten a complete overhaul with new pictures, updated information and an intuitive flow. Nearly a decade ago, the USEA launched Discover Eventing as a resource to educate new or potential eventers. It is also a great refresher course for current eventers!
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The Young and Future Event Horse article series is being provided through a partnership between Mythic Landing Enterprises, LLC., and the USEA.
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The United States Eventing Association (USEA) Young Event Horse Program (YEH) continues to grow each year, and YEH graduates are finding notable success as they move up through the levels of eventing. The YEH Horses at Rolex Preview introduced the ten YEH graduates that were entered to compete at the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event last month.
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