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Daniel Stewart

A few months ago we started a seven-part series on limiting beliefs, the tendency to sometimes place limits on our ability to succeed - not because we’re incapable of it - but because we tell ourselves we’re incapable of it. This month, let’s continue this conversation by discussing a new blindspot bias called confirmation bias.
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The 2017 USEA Annual Meeting and Convention may have come and gone, but thanks to our friends at Ride On Video you will have the chance to relive the action as we share videos of the different sessions! 
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In this excerpt from his new book Fit & Focused in 52, leading sport psychologist and equestrian fitness trainer Coach Daniel Stewart talks about the zone you want to be in…and one you might want to linger in, but shouldn’t. Plus, he gives you one mental training tip and one physical training exercise to practice this week so you can be a better all-around equestrian athlete.Lainie Asker is in the Zone. Cindy Lawler Photo.
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When it's all said and done... always make sure you've done more than you've said!
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