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Last year David Taylor, of Keymar, Maryland, realized he wanted to be more than just a competitive eventer. He wanted to give back to the sport but at the time he wasn’t sure how. It wasn't until he read an article on the United States Eventing Association (USEA) website about becoming a cross-country course designer that it finally clicked. 
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The USEA has established a Course Designers’ Educational Grant/Mentoring Program to fund the education and development of U.S. course designers. The program is open to those who have competed at the CCI2* level in recent years and who have completed the Course Design Module at a USEA Training Program for Eventing Officials Seminar. Funds of up to $6,000 will be awarded in 2017.
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Experts from three continents gathered at a special two-day equine surfaces forum held at the FEI headquarters in Lausanne (SUI) last month.A total of 36 equine, veterinary and footing specialists from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and United States came together to discuss standards for arena surfaces in Jumping.
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 Note: Applications for this program will be accepted through June 30, 2015. The USEA has established a Course Designers’ Educational Grant/Mentoring program to fund the education and development of new U.S. course designers.
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Any series of logs, ditches and banks can be called a cross-country course, and for lower-level horses and riders, simple and straightforward is far preferable to spooky and technical. Going up the levels, courses become progressively more difficult and more interesting, and at some of today’s bigger events, the cross-country course can showcase sponsors, entertain spectators and challenge horses and riders to the extreme.
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In the January/February edition of the USEA's magazine Eventing USA, a tabulation of cross-country safety report statistics over the previous 5 years was printed.  All current members of the Association receive the award-winning magazine as a benefit of their membership, but in an effort to more widely distribute the data related to cross-country safety beyond the current membership, the USEA has publicly released these statistics online.  
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