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Events Open for Entry (Current & Upcoming)

Open June 30, 2015 Closing Soon!
Applewood Farm YEH/FEH & Modified Eventing (NJ, A-2)
Open July 07, 2015 Closing Soon!
ENYDCTA/Old Chatham H.T. (NY, A-1) Caber Farm Horse Trial (WA, A-7) Shepherd Ranch SYVPC H.T. II (CA, A-6) Hunt Club Farms H.T. (VA, A-2) Huntington Farm H.T. (VT, A-1)
Open July 14, 2015
Corona Del Sol Heat Buster Horse Trials (TX, A-5) Town Hill Farm Horse Trials (CT, A-1) The Event at Woodland Stallion Station (CA, A-6) Loudoun Hunt Pony Club Fall H.T. (VA, A-2) Moqui Meadows H.T. (CO, A-9) Chattahoochee Hills H.T. (GA, A-3) KY Classique H.T. (KY, A-8) Silverwood Farm Fall H.T. (WI, A-4)
Open July 21, 2015
Chardon Valley Horse Trials (MI, A-8) Copper Meadows H.T. (CA, A-6) Larkin Hill H.T. (NY, A-1) Seneca Valley Pony Club H.T. (MD, A-2) Five Points H.T. (NC, A-2) Aspen Farms H.T. (WA, A-7)
Open July 28, 2015
Area IX Championships & CCC Fall H.T. (CO, A-9) The Event at Santa Fe (NM, A-10) Dunnabeck H.T. (IL, A-4) King Oak Farm Fall H.T. (MA, A-1) Feather Creek H.T. (OK, A-5) GMHA September Horse Trials (VT, A-1) Flying Cross Farm H.T. (KY, A-8) Bucks County Horse Park Fall H.T. (PA, A-2) Poplar Place Farm September H.T. (GA, A-3)
Open August 04, 2015
Fleur de Leap Horse Trials (LA, A-3) Marlborough H.T (MD, A-2) Stoneleigh-Burnham School Fall H.T. (MA, A-1) Fleur de Leap Horse Trials (LA, A-5) Tryon Riding & Hunt Club H.T. (SC, A-3) Stanton Farms H.T. (ID, A-7) Stone Gate Farm H.T. (OH, A-8) Twin Rivers Fall H.T. (CA, A-6) Plantation Field International CIC and Horse Trials (PA, A-2) Otter Creek Fall Horse Trial (WI, A-4)
Open August 11, 2015
The Event Derby & Clinics at Fresno County Horse Park (CA, A-6) Stable View Horse Trials (SC, A-3) Sundance Farm H.T. (WI, A-4) University of New Hampshire H.T. (NH, A-1) Flora Lea Fall H.T. (NJ, A-2) Surefire H.T. (VA, A-2) Nutrena USEA AEC, Adequan Gold Cup Finals, and ATC Finals (TX, A-5) Jump Start H.T. (KY, A-8)

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