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Welcome to Xentry – the United States Eventing Association’s Online Express Entry system.  The USEA created Xentry as a service to our members, where one can easily enter any USEA recognized event from a central and secure website.   Xentry leverages the USEAs competitions, results and membership databases to make it easy to create an entry within minutes of logging into the website for the first time.  Xentry is free for all USEA members. For an additional handling and transfer fee, the USEA will process your credit card on behalf of the organizer, allowing you to enter any event by way of credit card even if the organizer does not take credit card payment directly.

What does Xentry mean?
Xentry is derived from "Express Entry" implying a fast entry process. It is pronounced Ex-Entry. 

Why should I use Xentry?
Xentry is the easiest online entry system because the data is coming directly from the source, the USEA competitions and membership database. When you log on to the site all of your information as well as your horse's information is already there. Xentry allows you to complete minimal steps to a complete an entry for any USEA recognized horse trial.

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