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CIC2*/CCI1* Weatherford and Greenwood Farm, Inc. Horse Trials (May 2015) Omnibus Listing

Sponsored by Charlie Gilchrist's SouthWest Ford
Change Made 04/14/2015
Comment: Entries must be received by close date in accordance with the 2015 USEF Rules for Eventing, Art. EV106.23.e.
Early arrival day has been changed from Wednesday, to Thursday.
The CCI Open and Close dates will be the same as the horse trials dates. 
A CCI1* will be offered instead of a CIC1*.
CIC/CCI will ride the 2015 FEI Dressage Tests.
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USEA Event ID: 15886
CIC2*/CCI1* Weatherford and Greenwood Farm, Inc. Horse Trials | Weatherford, TX (AREA V)

Event Date: May 01-03, 2015

Open Date: Mar 17 Close Date: Apr 14
FEI Open Date: Mar 17 FEI Close Date: Apr 14


Address:  SHOWGROUNDS  2100 Greenwood Rd., Weatherford, TX 76088
   GREENWOOD FARM BARN 2390 Greenwood Rd, Weatherford, TX 76088

From I-20:
Take new Exit 405-Ric Williamson Memorial Hwy. (RWMH); go north on RWMH; cross Ranger Hwy (Spur 312) traffic light; go to Greenwood Rd. stop sign; turn left onto Greenwood Rd. and proceed to:
-Showgrounds on right, at the top of the hill, look for gray pipe fence, large gate & gazebo.
-For Greenwood Farm, continue down Greenwood Rd. past 2 houses to mailbox with horses painted on it and gray pipe fence.

 From 51 north of Weatherford:
Take new-Ric Williamson Memorial Hwy. (RWMH) (north of Weatherford); go south on RWMH; cross Mineral Wells Hwy. (180) traffic light; go to Greenwood Rd. stop sign; turn right onto Greenwood Rd. and proceed to:
-Showgrounds on right, at the top of the hill, look for gray pipe fence, large gate & gazebo.
-For Greenwood Farm, continue down Greenwood Rd. past 2 houses to mailbox with horses painted on it and gray pipe fence.


USEF/USEA Recognized Division:CCI1,CIC2,I,P
USEF Endorsed/USEA Recognized Divisions:T,N,BN

Tentative Schedule:
Subject to change due to entry numbers: keep checking website!
Thursday:  Stabling open for horses at 12:00 noon Thursday unless early arrival arrangements sent with entry. Cross-country course open - 3 pm. Check in for CIC /CCI horses - 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm. Jog up for CCI/CIC Horses (informal) 6:00 pm. 
Friday: Dressage, CIC2*/CCI1*/OI/OP/T-Sr-9:30 am; mandatory CIC competitor's briefing at pavilion 5:30 pm; Horse Trial competitor's briefing - 6:00 pm; Competitor's Dinner and Party - 6:00-8:00 pm.
Saturday:   Dressage (T-Jr,N, BN, BN Level One)-8 am; Cross-country, CIC2*, CCI1*, OI, OP,T - 9:30 am. Show Jumping, Horse Trial (N,BN,BN Level One)  10:30 am; Young Riders Benefit Dinner at Sheriff's Posse Clubhouse--tickets required.
SundayJog up for CIC/CCI Horses a.m.; Show Jumping, CIC,CCI,  OI, OP, T 9:30 am; Cross-country, (N,BN,BN Level One) 8:30 am.
Starting Times:
Will be posted April 25 at For start times in mail, please include SASE w/entry.
Event Officials
TD: (CIC,CCI & HT): Malcolm Hook, USA
Judges: (CIC, CCI & HT): Pres, Marilyn Payne, USA; Janis Linnan, USA 
Show Jumping Judge: Mike Christian
Dressage Judges: (HT): Bobbie Paulk, TX; Marilyn Kulifay, TX
FEI Steward: Sheila Strickler, USA
CD:X-C: John Williams, USA   SJ: Candy Gray, USA
Entry Information

Send Entries to:
Kathi Roof, Secretary
c/o Greenwood Farm, Inc.
P.O. Box 1615
Weatherford, TX 76086 
(sec'y mobile) (817) 454-8962 (farm office) (817) 599-8159,(show office fax) (817) 599-6832 or (organizer cell) (817) 307-9307  Email sec'y: [email protected]  Email farm:  [email protected] Web:

Draw checks to Greenwood Farm, Inc. Horse Trials.

Org: Christie Tull, P.O. Box 1615, Weatherford, TX 76086, (817) 599-8159;  cell (817) 307-9307
e-mail: [email protected] Comp Mngmnt: Greenwood Farm, Inc.

Event Fees Directory:
-Draw checks to Greenwood Farm, Inc. Horse Trials.
-CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AVAILABLE THROUGH USEA'S XENTRY SYSTEM; however, to complete your entry, a paper entry MUST be delivered to Show Secretary, along with your Coggins and Stabling Form.

EARLY ENTRY FEE: Entry and payment must be postmarked no earlier than March 17 and per USEF new 2015 rule change, must be be received no later than April 14 Closing Day. 
CIC2*/CCI1*: $515.00; I: $265.00; P: $250.00; T: $240.00; N/BN: $230.00.

LATE ENTRY FEE:   After April 14, Entry and Complete Payment Must Be In Show Secretary's Hands BY April 24.
CIC2*/CCI1*: $565.00; I: $315.00; P: $300.00; T: $290.00; N/BN: $280.00.

$135.00; Tack Stalls:  $135.00. Additional nights: $45.00  Grounds fee: $60.00 (non-stabled horses).
Camping-Limited RV Hookups: $95/event-RV CHECK MUST BE SEPARATE, PLEASE.
Party: $20.00 (for additional tickets only).

-ELECTRONIC PAYMENT THROUGH USEA'S XENTRY SYSTEM, BUT NO ELECTRONIC OR FAXED ENTRIES, PLEASE.  To complete your entry, a paper entry MUST be delivered to Show Secretary, along with your Coggins and Stabling Form.
-CREDIT CARD PAYMENT AVAILABLE ONLY THROUGH USEA'S XENTRY SYSTEM; however, to complete your entry, a paper entry must be delivered to Greenwood Farm, along with your Coggins and Stabling Form.
-Any entries postmarked before opening day will be returned unopened.
-All entries must be COMPLETE (ENTRY, COGGINS, STABLING FORM, SEPARATE RV CHECK, [if applicable] AND CHECK) & RECEIVED BY CLOSING DAY to be considered timely.

Please enter early to guarantee a stall. 
Double entries: Not accepted. Post entries: Accepted if entries are under-subscribed. Entry must be complete and received by secretary, conditional to organizer's approval.
Insufficient Postage Fee:  $5 fee for insufficient postage on entries
Change fee: After CD, subject to $50 handling fee; conditional to organizer's approval. NSF Checks:  A $50 charge for returned checks will be assessed. 
Pinnys:  Paper pinny.  Supply own pinny number holder. 
Refunds: Before C.D.- FULL REFUND. After C.D.- If presented with a veterinarian or doctor's certificate, refund is a non-transferrable credit voucher good for one year for entry fee, less $50 office fee; all Starter Fees returned in full; Stabling-stall fees returned if stall can be cancelled or sold. No phone withdrawals accepted; faxes or emails only please. Competition cancellation-Pro-rated after expenses. USEA Starter and D&M Fees Refund Policy: The USEA Starter and D&M fees ($21), are not subjected to office fees, and shall be returned within 30 days of the competition to any rider who does not start the dressage test.
Other:  Neg. Coggins required for all horses within 12 months. Legible copy of Neg. Coggins MUST accompany entry.  Stabling Form must accompany entry.  U.S owned CIC horses must have a National Passport obtained through the USEF Office. Both horse and rider must be registered with the FEI.  Must specify if entering BN Level One. 
The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program provides T.I.P.  awards at Greenwood's CIC, CCI and Horse Trials. A high point ribbon, prize and Jockey Club Purse will be provided for best thoroughbred at each level. For eligibility for all T.I.P awards, a "Thoroughbred" is defined as any horse that has been registered with the Jockey Club. Competitors, please please register your horse and include a photocopy of the registration card along with your entry.  Information at  To look up pedigrees and tattoo numbers, visit 

Competitor Information
CIC2**/CCI1*: $2,500 prize money. First place prize & ribbon to six places. All other divisions: First place prize & ribbon to six places. Dressage Ribbons First through Sixth place. Special award to Best Scoring Pony Club Rider. Best Scoring Quarter Horse Award.  Grand Champion Horse Trials Ribbon. Prize for Champion Oldenburg. The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P) prize money, logo ribbon and prize to best scoring and reserve T.I.P registered horse & rider pairs at each level.
Stabling:  $135/Stall from Wednesday noon through Sunday Eve. 60 permanent 10x10 stalls with doors; additional 10x10 temporary stalls with doors. Early arrivals and longer stays available at $45/night; contact organizer. Ground fees for horse trials entries not stabling=$60. Stall doors & initial bedding only provided. CIC horses will be stabled together.  No non-competing horses on grounds.  Feed/Hay/Bedding available for purchase. FEI Veterinarian Delegate: Dr. Nancy Roth, MO. Treating Veterinarian: Dr. Kendell Metcalf, Cell 682-333-4819, of Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, (817) 596-2829.

Sponsor hotels offering special rates to Greenwood patrons:  Candlewood Suites-5 mi. (817) 599-9999; Best Western-Cutting Horse Suites-5 mi, (817) 599-3300,  Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, 817-599-4440-5 mi; Holiday Inn Express & Suites-5 mi (817-341-6299); LaQuinta (20% discount)-5 mi. (817) 594-4481/ (800) 531-5900;  fax (817) 599-5342; Sleep Inn & Suites-5 mi (817) 594-9699.   Other accomodations:  Western Motel-3 mi., (817) 599-8683; Quest Inn-5 mi., (817) 594-3816; Hampton Inn-5 mi., (817) 599-4800/(800) 426-7866; Super 8-5 mi (817) 598-0852; Econolodge-5 mi.,(817)599-3705; Motel 6-5 mi., (817)594-1740; Garden Cottage B&B (5 mi.) (817) 219-3435. The Retreat at Clark Gardens B&B (12 mi) (940) 328-5542. Mama's Wish B&B (5 mi) (817) 477-4184. Weatherford Inn & Suites, (817) 599-8683

Camping: Reserve early! Limited electric hook-ups with water on grounds $95/weekend,

Test & arena sizes: CIC2*-2015 FEI Two-Star Test A-Std. CCI1*-2015 FEI One-Star Test A-Std. I-2014 USEF Intermediate Test A-Std. P-2014 USEF Preliminary Test A-Sm. T-2014 USEF Training Test A-Sm. N-2014 Novice Test A- Sm. BN and BN Level One-2014 USEF Beginner Novice Test A-Sm. Arenas: Grass on level sandy soil.
CIC2*/I-3525m @ 550 mpm. CCI1*- 3868m @ 520 mpm.    P-3108m @ 520 mpm. T?2517m @ 470 mpm. All N-2200m @ 375 mpm.  BN-2000m @ 350 mpm max fence ht 2'7".  BN-Level One- 1940m @ 325 mpm max fence ht 2'0".   All courses ask a wide variety of questions. All courses are good final preparation before moving up to the next level. 
Other Information:
Cross?country course closed March 10. 
Levels may be divided/combined if entries warrant; state preferences under the Eligible Section and birth date on entry.
Must specify if entering BN Level One. 
Prize list from secretary.
Food on grounds.
Show grounds are stressful for many dogs & their presence is discouraged; if present, must be controlled and leashed.
Please field strip your cigarettes & pocket filters.
Use of 2- or 3-wheeled vehicles, golf carts, etc. is restricted to drivers 18 years and older. No vehicles on course, Please! 
No non-competing horses on grounds. 
Competitor's Dinner Party: Friday from 6-8 pm; extra dinner tickets $20.
Vendor Policy:  All commercial advertisers and vendors must be registered with management 2 weeks prior to event, or no sales/ads will be possible.  Vendor Application available at
Volunteers are welcome, please contact Christie Tull, Volunteer Coordinator, (817) 599-8159.
Trailer Parking:  ALL trailer parking, except RV hookups, will be at the Parker County Sheriff's Posse Grounds. Please treat their grounds with courtesy. Do not use their facility for schooling, water, electricity, or littering.

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